Veera 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 9th April 2014 Written Update

Chaiji ask from gunjan, ohh putar, you came back from farms. Biji says, gunjan, i am so happy to see that you gone with ranveer to help him. Ranveer reaches there and says, i have some urgent work and then gone from there. Biji says to gunjan, putar, you also go and take some rest. Biji says, is everything alright between ranveer and gunjan and then she ask from veera, veera tells lie to her. Veera reaches towards gunjan and says, i have placed snacks and tea in your room. Gunjan surprisingly says, you have done all this for me. veera says, if you help veerji and biji then it is my responsibility to do this. Gunjan says, i only do this for removing ranveer obligation.
Baldev says to celebrate marriage anniversary then he emotionally blackmails her that i will do this for post of sarpanch. Bansari calls

to ratan parjai. Ratan says, ok we will definitely come. Veera says, this is the best opportunity for veerji and gunjan bhabi. Gunjan do ironing to ranveer’s clothes. Ranveer then bring his clothes back and says, you are for some days then put your habit in me. Gunjan says, whats wrong. I am just ironing. Ranveer says, dont put me in problem when i loved you then at that time you hated me. Now i want to forget your memories, so please dont come into my way. Veera throws stone on baldev. Baldev says, what are you doing? veera says, i have some urgent work lets go with me. Baldev says, ok i am ready to run with you. Veera says, shut your mouth. Baldev and veera goes to alone place and veera says, i want to plan something on tayaji and taiji’s anniversary. I have made a list for preparation so that you cannot forget any work. Baldev says, yes.
Veera says, i will inform to balwant tayaji. Baldev says, oye nai.. Veera says, why? baldev says, i didnt say to anything to him. Veera says, lets go i will inform him. Biji says to gunjan, you know better about your father so go with ranveer and select gift for them. Ranveer and gunjan looks each other. Biji says, what happens. Dont masquerade, you have to go with gunjan. Ranveer says, ok i will go.
Baldev and veera reaches to meet balwant tayaji. Balwant tayaji says, no no there is no need to celebrate. Veera traps balwant tayaji on gunjan and ranveer’s name then balwant tayaji says, ok if ranveer want to celebrate it then we will celebrate. Baldev says, oye thats good. Veera says, now i will change veerji and gunjan bhabi’s life.

Precap:- gunjan select some dress and says to herself, i will not pay for this dress then ranveer buy same dress.

Update Credit to: tushar

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