Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy thinking he will get back Suhani. Myra comes looking for Pihu. She asks Sammy where is Pihu. He says he does not know. She says why are they both looking tensed after coming from their trip. Mamaji comes and asks Myra to check Suhani also if she ready for the party.

Juhi meets Priya. She says Priya she is glad that she is back as Ram was not taking care of himself and used to sleep sometimes in office itself. Priya says she knew Ram would not take care of himself and says his mood changes a lot. He is transparent, he cannot hide either happiness or sadness. He does not even express when he is upset. She thanks Juhi for taking care of her children, especially Pihu. She says it is difficult taking care of Pihu. Juhi thanks Pihu for taking care of Khush and says he has put on weight. Priya says we both are different, but one thing we have in common, that is love for our kids as mothers. Juhi says she is right.

Mamaji meets Khush and says he is looking very handsome. Khush says not handsome than him. Sid comes and his he is handsome as he is his son. Khush says happy now because of Priya and goes from there. Sid asks why is he angry on me always. Mamaji says he is your son, so he is like you, always angry. Mamaji then thinks of having drinks.

Juhi and Sid sees Mamaji and ask him why is he standing outside. He says his pandit asked him not to enter the party. Sid says his pandit says always opposite and drags mamaji inside.

Natasha asks Priya how is she feeling. Priya says she is fine, but is concerned about Pihu and wants her to understand that she is her mother and her happiness matters to her. She asks Natasha if a mother will think of harming their kids, then why is Pihu thinking that I will harm her. Natasha asks Priya to give some time to Pihu, she will understand soon. Priya says she hope Pihu understands her.

Pihu calls Sammy and asks where is he. Sammy says he is stuck in some work and will come soon. She then sees Suhani and Khush coming. She asks Suhani what is she doing here. She says even after getting insulted many times, she is not ashamed of herself. She then asks Suhani to stay away from her and her husband. Suhani says she is with the man she likes and says she must be worried about herself as Sammy even being with her thinks of others.

Daija asks Rajath if he is not coming for party. He asks if she going for the party. Daija says she is going as it is Priya and Ram’s party. She even went to Pihu’s birthday party. Kady says even she is going as she thinks Priya as her family member. Rajath says he is happy about Ram and Priya and says it is Ram’s business party and does not want to go. He says how will Priya react when she sees him. Kady asks him to go and listen to his heart. Rajath says she is acting like Daija and wants me to express what he wants. He says he will go and get ready.

Priya sees Vikram and greets him. She says they are meeting after 6 months. He says he is angry on her that he was thinking of getting her and Ram together and was spying on them, but they fooled him. Priya says he is a very good friend and tried his best to unite them. Vikram says he and Ram… Priya asks if he is thinking about Neha or if he fought with Ram. Vikram says why will he fight with Ram. Priya invites him in.

Pihu and Sammy see Khush and Suhani enjoying the party. Sammy gets a call and goes from there. Ram scolds Sid and Sammy for betraying him and manipulating his business. He asks them to sign the papers. Sid asks Sammy not to sign the papers, but he signs. Sid says Sammy did not do right by signing the papers and goes from there.

Juhi sees Pihu and says she is looking pretty. She asks why is she tensed. She says she cannot see her sad and asks what happened. Pihu says she did not want Priya to come back in this house, but Ram brought her in. Priya will start controlling the house again, and everything will be back to normal. Juhi says Priya came here as Ram’s wife, not her mother, so stop giving importance to Priya. She says Ram left Priya for you, now he brought her back, so she should think of his happiness. Pihu says she cannot tolerate Suhani in this house and thinks she is joking on her whenever she sees her. Juhi says it is just a small issue and says she will handle the issue in her style.

Juhi speaks to guest who says people wear weird clothes. Juhi says some people even bear kids without marriage and thinks she will fullfill her promise made to Pihu. Priya listens Juhi and says why is she describing Suhani as single mother to her friends. She says Khush is marrying Suhani and Ram and her will get them married soon, so not to worry.

Monday Precap: Rajath comes and meets Priya.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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