Veera 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 8th April 2014 Written Update

Baldev does acting in cinema hall. Veera gets fed up. In emotional scene, baldev cries and veera identifies him. Veera surprisingly says, baldev tu ithe kya kar rha hain. baldev says, i am also seeing movie. Veera then moves away from hall. baldev follows her and says, now you lost your bet. Veera says, no i dont accept your bet, you are cheater cock. Baldev says, we had bet for seeing movie. Veera thinks about baldev wordings. Chaiji reaches there and ask from baldev, what are you doing here. baldev says, i dont want to make off veera’s mood that why i changed my look. Chaiji says, i dont want to miss my movie.
Ranveer see the dupatta of gunjan and ask, whose dupaata is this? Gunjan says, may veera put it there. Ranveer gives dupatta to her. Ranveer says to gunjan, now its enough, come and take lunch. Gunjan says to herself, now how will i eat food. I cannot eat food with this hand. Ranveer then gives morsel to gunjan and says, i am not obliging you, just doing as humanness. Ranveer then moved away and says, i am not hungry i will eat later. Baldev sees to veera and here gunjan helps to ranveer. Gunjan get worried about ranveer’s pain.
At home, gunjan bring bucket and wash hand and legs of ranveer and thinks about ranveer. Biji says, i was worried due to unexpected way, now they care each other. Movies end and chaiji says, oye ye to so rha hain. veera says, dont awake her. Baldev says, chaiji i will drop you. Veera says, we will go by bus. Baldev then again buy ticket.
Chaiji tells the movie story. chaiji ask veera, what happened next. Veera says, i dont know, i didnt see because of baldev. Chaiji says, baldev makes us enjoy alot. Baldev friends ask from him about his love. baldev says, i couldnt complete conversation with veera because of chaiji.
baldev gets angry with his friend then baldev friends agin gives idea that bring veera into mariage then propose her. Baldev read about beauty parlour. Baldev says, no problem if i cannot arrange marriage for veera but i can arrange marriage anniversary.

Precap:- Biji gets worried about ranveer behaviour and ask from veera, is everything alright.

Update Credit to: tushar

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