Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Natasha informing Priya that Suhani has agreed to return to Kapoor mansion. Priya asks Suhani why did not she agree when she asked her and agreed to Natasha. Natasha says she has magic in her. She then says she has one more news to say and says Suhani agreed to marry Khush. Priya gets happy and says Suhani Khush will keep you happy and even she will take care of her. She says Suhani and Pihu are equal to her, she cannot see anyone in trouble. Everything will be alright. Suhani says she knows when she is there, everything will be alright, even she wants everyone to be alright, especially her. She says Priya helped an orphan like her and should not be in trouble any time. Khush asks if she agreed to marry for his sake or Priya’s. She says for Priya’s sake and asks him to marry someone else if he likes. He says he is joking. Priya hugs Khush and Suhani emotionally.

Rajath is busy writing his book. Kady informs Rajath that Ram is going to Priya’s house to bring Priya her back. Rajath says she should have been there with Priya to handle Pihu. She says Natasha is there. Rajath says he cannot believe Pihu has changed a lot. He saw her, she asks when. He says when he went to meet Ram, he spoke to her and felt she has changed a lot. Kady says now you agree that she has changed. Rajath says we have to find a solution. She says Sammy is her solution.

Priya walks into Kapoor mansion and goes into flashback where she spent time with Ram’s family and ram. Bade Achhe Lagte hain…… song plays in the background. Girls ask Natasha when is Priya coming. Natasha shows Priya and says she has come. They get excited seeing her and hug her. They say they missed her and will not allow her go anywhere. Pihu sees Suhani and gets angry. Girls see Khush and hug him. Mamaji acts as getting happy. Ram says he wants to tell everyone that Khush and Suhani are not married, but he will make them marry soon. Pihu gets angry hearing that and goes into her room. Juhi comes and hugs Priya. Sammy remembers Ram’s words and thinks Suhani is not married to Khush and she lied. He is even now remembering her because of this. He thinks Suhani still loves her.

Pihu thinks why did Priya bring Suhani, she did not think of her and says she hates Priya. Juhi asks Sid what will we do now, he does not understand anything. Sid says even he does not understand. Mamaji says it is time for us to leave from here, from today Priya will be all over the house.

Suhani comes to her room and remembers time spent in the house. She starts crying. Khush comes and asks her not to take tension, he does not care about Ram, Priya and her decision. He says she is doing this because she does not like Priya sad. She does not Sammy getting obsessed about her again. He says he is very happy about her decision to marry her. He gets emotional. She asks him to see her and tell if he is crying because of her. He says his dream of getting married to her is becoming true, so he is emotional. He says he got everything in life, except love. He says he does not want her kid to be a joke, he should get all happiness in life he deserves. He asks her to take a decision after thinking and goes from there. Suhani starts crying vigorously.

Rajath speaks to Vikram and asks if he spoke to Ram. He says he did not speak as he is hesitant to speak to him. Rajath says that is the difference between wife and friend, he would not have thought if it was Neha. Vikram then asks if he is coming with him for Ram and Priya’s party. Rajath says he will not meet them like this and wait for right occasion.

Khush comes and shows Suhani movie ticket and asks her to accompany. He says he spent 300 rs on ticket. She says she is serious. He says if she is serious, then to see in his eyes and tell what she feels about him. She says she likes him taking care of her every need and does not know what to say about her feeling as she is afraid to tell it as love, but she does not want to lose that feeling. Khush starts laughing and says it was good scene. She asks if he ever becomes serious. He asks her to keep hand on his heart and check. He then requests her to get ready on time for the party.


Precap: Priya says Juhi she can understand how Ram took care of himself without her. He does not share if he is sad or happy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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