Veera 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 7th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ratan reminding Ranvi that Veera is not her daughter. Ratan reveals to Ranvi that Veera’s grandparents are here to take her away, as she hugs him tightly. Ranvi is shattered and thinks that Ratan asked them to take Veera away. He is not ready to part with Verra and is determined to make her stay. Ratan tells him she did not call them but its panchayat’s decission.
He decides to talk to Balwant himself.

He runs over to Balwant’s house to find Veera playing with Gunjan. He asks her to go home and hugs and tells her not to go with anyone. He wont let her go. Veera in confused but the scene is witnessed by Nihaal, Chaiji and Ratan. He runs inside.

He starts yelling at everyone at how they could do this. He accuses Balwant of making the wrong decisaion. Asks Veera’s grandparents to leave. Nihaal tries to make him understand that law sees no emotions. Ratan tries to convince Ranvi that his father wouldve made the right decission too. And that he’s Sampooran’s son so he should not let injustice happen. but Ranvi won’t take any of it.

chaiji says noone is thinking on what will happen to Veera. how would she cope . but nanji says she aill manage after sometime. Nihaal tries to reason out with Balwant and says Veera should be introduced to her grandparents.

Ranvi threatens to run away with Veera. Ratan raises hand to slap him but he says even if she beats him to death, even then he wont let Veera go away.

Precap; Veera is talking to her grandparents and nani asks her to come closer. But Veera says if she does, she would hug her tightly so she wont. Nani says she’l hug her lightly. Ranvi sees all this from the balcony and shouts to Veera. He scolds her that he sent her for water only. Ratan scolds Ranvi for misbehaving but Ranvi doesnt listen.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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