Veera 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev welcoming everyone in judges. He welcomes the judges Sharib and Toshi. The audition starts. A guy sings Jadoo hai tera hi jadoo………….. Megha looks on. The guy is selected. Gunjan and Ranvi wait for Ranvi’s chance happily. A girl comes and sings the same song. She gets selected. The judges praise her. Dev asks how is she feeling. The girl says I m very happy. Dev says 100 got in and 2 are selected. The fractured hand Isha is sent next. She tells Dev that she had a major accident last week and she wanted to come here to prove herself to her parents that she can do a lot in her life. Dev says all the best. Isha sings Tum mile dil khile……………….

Isha is selected as well. Isha thanks the judges. She goes to a corner and says she did this fake fracture drama

to get early entry in the auditions. Balwant comes to Baldev. Baldev is worried and thinks Balwant will beat him now. Balwant smiles and hugs him shocking Baldev. Balle Balle…………..plays…………….. Bansuri smiles. Balwant says everyone is praising Baldev. Bansuri says yes, he repaired the motor. Balwant says we should thank Veera, she praises him a lot. He asks Bansuri to praise Veera. Bansuri says why. Baldev says whats the need for Veera to act, she is like she looks to us. He thinks Veera insulted him, but then gave him respect, he can’t be annoyed to her.

Anmol goes for auditions and says he is nervous as its going to be touch competition. Anmol sings Jadoo hai tera hi jadoo………………..Anmol is selected and Ranvi is very happy for him. Ranvi hugs him and says congrats. Rishabh goes next and looks at Ranvi. He signs Ranvi to watch him now. Dev talks to Rishabh and says all the best. Rishabh says nervousness and I don’t have any connection. Rishabh sings Tum mile dil khile……………….. He gets selected as well. Rishabh thanks them.

Dev says 9 contestants are selected and one spot left, lets see who is that lucky one. Gunjan and Ranvi are tensed. Many are rejected and Ranvi’s chance comes now. Dev calls Ranvijay Singh to come and sing. Ranvi goes. Rishabh smiles. Ranvi greets Dev and says he is nervous. Dev says judges will decide about you, if you make any mistake, you will be out, please go ahead. Ranvi greets the judges. Megha looks on. Ranvi starts singing. He sings Tujhse pehle tere baad……………………..

The judges discuss that Ranvi’s voice is good but presentation is not well enough. Ranvi folds hands. They smile and select him. Gunjan and Ranvi smile. They ask him to work on his performance as his voice is unique. The 10 contestants are chosen. Sharib and Toshi encourage them. Dev calls all of them to talk. Isha does her goody goody act. Dev comes to them and says you all have cleared audition on basis of your voice, but the show sees performance and personality. Dev says shooting will start in 3 days, so focus on yourself, two contestants will be eliminated in round 1, four in round 2 and 4 will remain in semi finals, the promo will be shot tomorrow and you all will be seen on tv.

Veera tells Ratan that Ranvi cleared the audition. Ratan says I knew his talent. Veera says I wish I was with him, but we will see him on tv. Chaiji thanks Lord. Veera and Ratan smile.

Ratan worries as Chaiji gets unwell. Ratan comes to Veera to ask about Chaiji’s medicines. She comes in and is shocked seeing Veera and Baldev together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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