Tum Saath Ho Jab 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam tries to see the guy’s face but then she remembers that she was looking for the comb and goes to pick it up from the balcony. She covers her head as she is out in the open. A neighbouring lady asks her about their new neighbours. Mariam has no idea who it is. The lady too wonders if the guy is ill as he wasn’t able to walk on his own. Or was he drunk? She talks bad for him. mariam hopes that he is not into all that and then excuses herself.

All the stuff has been shifted to the new guy’s house while he drinks alcohol from another bottle. His Mamu asks for a blue bad which has his sherwani (for his wedding). He isn’t married though. He pays the guys and deducts some amount for some stuff has been broken in the shifting process. The guys leave unhappily. Mamu likes the house and locality. He notices the badminton racket on a wall. He thinks that some other champion might have lived here before. The new guy gets up to have a closer look at it. He picks the badminton racket and reads the initials on the badminton – Tauseef.

Najma writes down her full name in her copy as Najma Tauseef Baig. She shows it to her mom who appreciates her. go downstairs while I will pack your bag. Najma leaves. Najma is excited to see Waqar’s new badminton racket. She tries practising with it. Nasima notices this and gets angry. She gives it back to Waqar. Keep it carefully. She talks all sweetly to Waqar and Najma is sad. All the kids sit down to have breakfast.

Younis comes there. He is on call with Majid and tells her what happened. Saba shuffles through the pages of some magazine by keeping it between her note book. Fiza is angry with her dad for he dint let her prepare for her maths competition yesterday. Nasima tells her to be quiet. She talks about how girls and guys are different. Younis agrees to help Fiza. He asks Saba if she wants anything. She denies. he asks Najma as well. She asks him if he will really get it for her. Nasima taunts her on that. Najma tells her Bade Abbu that she too wants a racket. I too am going to take part in the badminton championship like Waqar. Younis is against it. You are a girl and you want to participate in sports? She tries to make him understand that many other girls are participating in sports but he is not interested. Even Nasima is against it. younis makes it clear to them that this isn’t going to happen. Nasima gets tea for him and praises his new racket, new shoes. She tells him to take Waqar’s pic. Najma looks on sadly as Waqar poses.

Mariam packs Najma’s bag. She opens the cupboard for something and notices a small box. She cleans it with her dupatta and Najma walks in just then. Mariam notices the tears in her eyes. Najma wonders why they are so helpless that they cannot buy a racket on their own. Why do we have to request Bade Abbu for everything? Mariam reminds her that she had told her she will get it for her. najma says he is against my playing sports. Mariam understands his mindset. I will speak to your Dadajaan and will buy a new racket for you too. Najma smiles. She notices a piggy bank in her mom’s hands. Let us take money from this. Mariam tells her that it doesn’t have money. Najma runs around while requesting her mom for it while she tries to tell her that it doesn’t have money. The box falls in the process and many papers fall from it. these are not chits but some precious moments of her life – happiness, fights, everything. Your Abbu and I used to make chits of our happy / sad moments. She picks one chit which reads Novelty Cinema. They had gone to see a movie there for the first time. Najma picks another – Najma. She gets curious. Mariam shares that this was when she was born. Flashback of the same is shown. Tauseef had held her in his arms. Najma wonders wht they were collecting memories. Mariam and Tauseef wanted to remember them all together later in life. I dint know back then that I will have to live them all alone later. Najma promises to do so with her mom from now onwards as Abbu is not with them anymore. Mariam smiles. Najma has to leave as the auto is here.

Nasima talks to her Ammi on laptop. She is talking about Waqar. She talks ill about Mariam and she hears it all from upstairs. Shameem bhai has given his room on rent. I dint see the guy’s face but my husband is very angry. I will talk to him in the evening. She hears someone’s voice and tells her mom that they will talk later. Rehmat Bi comes home. Nasima gets to know from her that he has been charged with murder. Someone told me that his wife ran away. rehmat Bi is not in a mood to talk anymore. Nasima is worried / confused.

Mamu tells the new guy to rest. Mariam watches them from the balcony. She notices Mamu helping the guy yet again.

Rehmat Bi comes upstairs to do some cleaning. She is really tired because of all the climbing. Mamu asks for her help, broom actually. Rehmat Bi tells him to get it from the shop downstairs. Mariam tells her to give it to him for which Mamu praises her. she goes downstairs to give it to him.

Waqar shows off his new racket to his friends. His turn comes but he doesn’t play well. Najma guides him but in vain. Coach gets upset with him. one has to practise to win. Next boy comes. Najma has to play but none of the girls is ready to share their racket with her. Coach calls the other girls to play. Najma feels sad. She prays to Allah to give her a racket.

Mariam hears the new guy shouting at his Mamu. You know I don’t like all this. Why did you ask for this stuff from someone? Mamu tells him that the shops are still closed. I will clean and then return it. it isn’t bad to ask something from neighbours. This is how relations are formed. The guy gets angry. I told you I don’t want any relations as they hurt more than anything. I want to be alone. I want peace for myself. I don’t want to get into relations again. mariam is finally able to see his face.

Precap: Mamu is at Salman Baig’s house. He talks to them about his nephew – Imran Siddiqui. He has got a job in Al-Habib Public School. He is a teacher there. Salman Baig recalls how Tauseef used to work in the same school. Mariam stops in her tracks as she hears this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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