Veera 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev and Megha wishing all the best to Ranvi. Anmol comes and meets Ranvi and Gunjan. He thanks her for calling him in this audition. Pammi calls Bansuri and says Veera scolded Baldev infront of everyone. Baldev comes home. Bansuri asks him did this happen, how can Veera scold you. He says I m tired. She asks why. He says he fixed the motor. She scolds Veera. He says enough now. I m doing this work by my heart, don’t tell anything to Veera. He leaves. She says don’t know what Veera told him. Veera comes to meet Baldev to make him happy. Bansuri sees her and is angry. Veera says she has to discuss with Baldev about poly house. Bansuri scolds her for insulting Baldev infront of everyone.

Veera asks what are you saying. Bansuri says I know you very well since childhood, my Baldev is innocent, it does not mean you take advantage of him. They argue. Bansuri says I m always with Baldev, you should not meet Baldev, go from here. Veera says fine, I will go, but I did not make him feel inferior, he is doing this work for Pind, he is equal to the people working for this noble cause. She leaves. Bansuri thinks she will get justice for Veera, like they have insulted Baldev, I will insult them infront of the whoel pind.

Ranvi and Gunjan wait in the line. A guy Rishabh comes there and meets Dev. Dev says nice to meet you. Rishabh asks how long he has to wait. Dev says don’t worry, I will take your audition soon. Rishabh says everyone knows I m the best. Dev says don’t be overconfident, till then be in this line. Rishabh says fine. Ratan gives tea to Chai ji and sees Veera lost in thoughts. Veera sees Bansuri brings many ladies to them. Ratan asks what happened, any problem. Bansuri taunts Ratan and Veera. She asks Ratan why is she using Baldev and why are they spoiling his name, he is not wrong.
Chai ji says enough, mind your tongue, why are you blaming Ratan. Bansuri says don’t interfere in this. Chai ji says I m from this Pind and its my right to know the matter, Baldev worked by his heart. Bansuri says Baldev got blamed after giving him less money, what is his problem if the machine was bad. Ratan says think and say, why are you blaming us, I did not take money, I respect you, we are related so I m quiet. Before I tell you anything, go from here. Chaiji asks the ladies to go as they know Ratan since years. Bansuri says money is great thing. Veera says enough, you can’t insult my Biji.

She says about money, my Biji did not do anything, I can prove this by calling Baldev here. Balwant and Nihaal come there with some men. Balwant asks Bansuri who is she here. Bansuri says she is protecting Baldev’s respect and exposing Ratan. Veera goes to the room and calls Baldev. He is sleeping in his room being tired. She says take my call. A girl comes with fractured hand and asks for early auditions. Ranvi asks her to come and take his place. Rishabs sees this. Gunjan says we are also waiting. Ranvi says she is in pain, its not wrong to help her. The girl thanks Ranvi.

Rishabh says what the hell and comes to argue with Ranvi. He says are we mad to wait in line. Ranvi says she is hurt so I called her. Rishabh scolds Ranvi and says now I will stand in your place. Anmol argues. Ranvi asks him to go back. Rishabh says I got what I wanted, take U turn and go. Ranvi says stay in manners. Ranvi is made to go at the last place. Rishabh smiles. Bansuri and Balwant argue. Veera says she will prove Biji is innocent and shows the account books. She shows the receipt and says my Biji did not take any money. They say it means Bansuri is wrong.

They say its not Ratan’s mistake, but Baldev’s. They ask Veera to say it. Veera says yes. She says I mean I know Baldev did a mistake, but it can said he was careless, but it was technical problem and we can’t blame him. She says when he felt his mistake, he has repaired all motors. She says Baldev saved electrician’s fees too. She asks them to see Baldev’s good side, as he has helped them a lot for Pind. Nihaal says yes, they came to Poland and Baldev worked very hard. He says end this matter here. They agree and asks Bansuri not to blame anyone without any reason. Bansuri says parents are blind in children’ love, I hope Ratan won’t take this in heart. She thinks Veera is very sharp and she hs to save Baldev from her. Balwant asks Bansuri to leave. She leaves with the ladies.

Dev says the judges are Sharib and Tishi. Ranvi sings in auditions.

Update Credit to: Amena

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