Veera 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjeet telling Baldev that Veera does not respect him. She fills his ears against Veera and says she does not feel he can do any work. Bansuri says yes. Manjeet asks will he do what Veera wants, will she not agree to him, she will do what her Biji says, you said no to the work for pind, and she is doing this as she can’t say no. She says the truth is she does not know trust and respect in relations. He gets angry and leaves. They smile.

Baldev comes to Veer and throws the papers on her face. She is stunned. He says you scolded me for the papers, and think I m greedy for money, you did not think the husband who loves you so much, he can’t do this, the truth is I refused for the deal and even then he gave me money and asked me to think, I said no use, I will refuse money in morning, but you thought I m cheating you. She says I felt, I m sorry Baldev. She says you were drunk and I felt you changed your mind again, I know I should have heard you.

He says you did the same last time, you have blamed me always and never trusted me, you can never trust me as you don’t respect me. She says not like that. He says he took the decision that he will make mall and this time he will not change his decision. She asks what is he saying. He asks did she not hear it. She asks him not to hurry. He asks her to stop saying him now, he has thought a lot. He got ready for school for her happiness and sacrificed his mall dreams, and she got him wrong seeing money, now he will become bad and make the mall.

She explains again. He says you could have thought positive and gave me chance to explain. She says I m sorry and cries admitting her mistake. She asks him not to take any wrong decision. He says is my mall decision wrong, you said my thinking is not wrong, but different, was it a lie, the truth is you don’t respect me and my work, I m a fool for you. She says he is mistaken. He says you started and I took the decision. He says tell your Biji that I will not return the land.

Gunjan thinks she will gift Ranvi and help him in writing the songs. She reads the books and Ratan comes to her. She says she is in books since long. Gunjan says I m not getting anything. Ratan says yes, have breakfast first, I m going to panchayat. Gunjan gets some good lyrics and says this will be right. Bansuri says see my fate, I have bahu and have to do all work alone. Manjeet says Veera does not respect Baldev, you feel she will respect you. She says its good Baldev has seen her selfish side. Bansuri says yes, now I wish he leaves her. She goes. Manjeet calls someone and gives the good news as things are going as they wanted, don’t send them till I call you again. She smiles.

Ratan talks to panchayat and says Baldev will give land to school. Veera comes and gets sad knowing this. She thinks how to tell Biji. Veera tells Ratan everything. Ratan says why did you get angry, you should have talked to him first. Veera says yes, but why did he get angry and take mall decision. Ratan says I can’t blame Baldev as you say anything without thinking. Veera says agreed but what to do now. Ratan says I told panchayat about school, can’t Balwant not explain him. Veera says he was happy for mall. Ratan asks does he know about panchayat land. Veera says no, I will talk to him and see. She leaves. Ratan worries that this matter can make Veera and Baldev way again.

Ratan comes home and Gunjan happily gives the lassi. Ratan says it looks you got the way. Gunjan says yes, but I need your help. Ratan says yes, I can do anything. Veera tells Balwant about the panchayat land and they want to make school on it. Balwant says I did not know this, if I have to choose between school and mall, I will choose school. She says I m sure if you talk to him once, he will understand. Balwant says I will talk to him, nothing is imp to me than pind benefit, its panchayat land which I bought on Baldev’s name, I have to return it to them on time.

Ranvi talks to producer and the man asks him to write lyrics soon. Ranvi says fine and gets tensed. Ratan gives him tea and says she is worried for Gunjan, she did not come home till now, she is not at Bansuri’s house and you go and take her. Ranvi says she will be fine. Ratan says no, I m worried, just go and see once. He goes and Ratan smiles. Ranvi comes and sees the she decorated and gets angry as he and Ratan were worried. He scolds her and says nothing can get fine between us. Gunjan cries.

Ranvi throws the books and says he does not want her and her help in his life, she does not have any right on his love now, they are strangers now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. now plz end this serial…. plz plz … see every buddy started hating this serial….. so plz end it instead of ending nauc OK….

    1. yeahh ryt not nauc

      1. Why Veera should be end ? If u r bore with Veera stop watching Veera

    2. Stop watching Veera or stop commenting like this okkkkkkkk

    3. Nauc should be ended not Veera if u r bored with Veera kindly stop watching it

  2. Again misunderstanding Iam fed up with this serial.

  3. Why they are not stop it I tried for veera and baldev misunderstanding

  4. Yr boring …y always couples are shown against each other ..rubbish …make veera baldev together n fight àgaist evil together by trusting each other …n even gunjan is so stupid

  5. Make gunjan n ranvi together

  6. I think end of the serial will be giving veeba child to ranveer as gunjan did nt have the ability after abortion

  7. what nonsense is this? Why are they not ending this serial

    1. Dear stop watching Veera no one has forced u 4 watching it if u r bore with Veera don’t watch it okkkkkkkkkkk

  8. End nauc not Veera we love Veera the story is going on fabulous his ko a cha nahi lagta WO dikhna choir dai Veera don’t need all of u get it

  9. Plz enddis serial…its getting worst

  10. Its a worst serial ever..

  11. Hey guy y r u dragging nauc in ur fight just talk abt veera after kabir’s entry the show was so good

  12. The director has no other idea so just playing wid the love of these sweet couples if they cant get idea should end it just a big BORE…..

  13. Baldev is proving himself some type of shokha insan

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