Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahilya asking Shontu for Sapna and Ballu. Shontu says they went together and says lots of things. Ahilya gets confused. Astha comes and tells her about her brother’s marriage and her mum came to take her help in shopping. Mehta comes to meet Indrajeet with imp papers. Ahilya asks Sapna to take her. Poornima tells Indrajeet that she loves Ballu. He asks is she in his senses, will she love a servant, I will not allow this. She says I came to share my happiness, whats the problem, even you love a servant.

He says enough and gets angry. He says there is lot of difference, I love Sapna, and I will marry her to give a better life for her, she will get all the comfort and luxuries, and that Ballu, think what will you get after marrying Ballu, you have a lifestyle, where will you go, I love you, you are my sister, and I can’t say yes to Ballu, this is utter nonsense, get this out of your head. She leaves.

Astha takes Mehta to Indrajeet. Shlok checks Kavita’s room as she is in garden. He does not get anything and Niranjan’s pic is shown in Gita. Shlok thinks where to find if POA is not here. Mehta says his work is done. Astha says she will go. Indrajeet says you may stay, its alright. Mehta says its all Niranjan’s companies list. Astha asks shall I check if you don’t mind, its imp. He says sure and talks to Mehta. She smiles seeing the POA papers and thinks she will take it from him, and she will get back everything on their name back, and she will fulfill the promise made to Anjali. He asks what is she thinking. She says nothing, I checked. Mehta leaves.

Ahilya comes and asks why did lawyer came. Indrajeet shows the files and says its Agnihotri group all files, all corrections are done and it has POA too. Ahilya says great, keep this safe, we can’t lose them. He says don’t worry and asks Sapna to check tomorrow’s appointments. She thinks she has to tell Shlok about POA. Astha tells Shlok that she has to give good news. He says he did not get POA papers. She says its in Indrajeet’s cupboard, lawyer gave now, I have just seen. He says I will take the papers today.

Indrajeet meets the goons and asks them to kidnap Anjali by keeping an eye on her, he will say later what to do. He shows Anjali’s pic and gives them money. They leave. He says I will fulfill promise soon given to Ahilya. Kalindi shows the necklace to Ankush that she got for Mala. Ankush says he will buy something, she should keep this. Kalindi says she will be glad, tell her you got this for her. He says you are very sweet, love you. She says same here and sends him. Poornima cries and says why does Indrajeet not understand that love does not see money, why can’t he see Ballu’s goodness. Indrajeet comes to talk to her.

He says you are annoyed with me, why are you being angry on food. She says I don’t want to, go. Shlok goes to Indrajeet’s room with Astha. They check for the POA. She asks him to take POA soon before Indrajeet comes from Poornima’s room. She gives him the cupboard keys. Indrajeet explains Poornima that Ballu can’t give her anything, she will not be able to adjust. Poornima says love can’t be compared to lifestyle, let me stay with Ballu if you want to see me happy. He asks her to think again. She cries and he leaves.

Shlok asks Astha to go, if they see them together, it will be problem. She says no. He insists and she goes. She sees Indrajeet coming and stops him saying about meetings. She makes him busy in talk. Shlok gets the files and Indrajeet tells Sapna to get ready early as they have to go for meeting in morning. Something falls and they hear the sound. Indrajeet goes towards his room asking who is there. Shlok gets POA and gets tensed. Astha tries to stop Indrajeet. Shlok takes the POA file and it falls down. Indrajeet comes in the room and Shlok goes. He sees the file fallen and says what the hell, who was here.

Ahilya comes and asks what happened. Indrajeet says there was someone here and run now. She asks Shontu to check who came. He says its POA papers. Ahilya says how does he know, only we three know this, I don’t understand, the papers came today evening, how can anyone know it so soon. Astha gets tensed. Ahilya looks at Astha. Indrajeet says Sapna was with me, I trust her, she will not do this. Astha leaves. Ahilya says I m not doubting Sapna, I m stunned how can anyone know this so soon. He says sorry to reply you, but you are right, I will keep an eye on Sapna. He gives her papers and goes. Ahilya thinks she will find out who did this.

The goons see Anjali and go to kidnap her. They take her. She shouts for help. Shlok turns and sees her, being stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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