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Veera 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer telling Veera that she is tigress of the pind, she won his heart when she came to police station to free Baldev after the Dangal fight, and he liked her. He says I got late in taking you with me. He says I will take you very far that no one can find us. Gunjan comes home crying and calls Ranvi and everyone. She cries and says Veera….. Ranvi asks what happened to Veera. Gunjan says everything to him and gives her dupatta. Ranvi says why did Rajveer take her. She says I don’t know, my Bibji told me Veera is meeting Rajveer, I thought she is meeting him for case and when Veera met me, she said we will know it when time comes, maybe she is in problem. She asks Ranvi to go fast and save her.

Ranvi hurriedly leaves. Gunjan tries calling Veera and says no one is taking call. Ratan says everything will be fine. Rajveer tells Veera that she can’t open the rope even if she tries hard. Ranvi meets Jaggi and Billa. Jaggi says maybe Rajveer found out the truth. Ranvi asks which truth, tell me fast, Veera’s life is in danger. Jaggi tells him everything about Nihaal’s death, Rajveer has killed him, and Veera was finding the truth. Ranvi gets angry. Billa says Veera was showing she is with Rajveer and wanted to expose him, and maybe he came to know this and took her.

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Ranvi says Rajveer was planning this and fooled us, we have to find Veera. Jaggi says first I will call Baldev. Jaggi calls Baldev and tells him everything. Baldev says what, Rajveer has kidnapped Veera. Rajveer says everyone knows you are meeting me Veera, now I will write letter that you left them by your wish and eloped with me. Ranvi asks Baldev to come fast. Baldev says I know Veera is happy with Rajveer, she gave my phone to Rajveer, who knows she went by her wish with him.

Gunjan says stop it, Veera was acting as his friend to save you, she was finding proof to save you, she married you to save you, she ended ties with family for you, and you think this, atleast think about a woman’s respect and save her. She says I have seen Rajveer tied Veera’s hand and mouth and took her in his jeep, don’t you trust me. Baldev is shocked. Veera sees Rajveer taking her out of pind, and thinks to do something to make them know where she is.

She recalls how she has found the clues left by Ranvi in childhood when he was missing. Jaggi tells Baldev that Veera gave him the newspaper cutting stealing it from Rajveer’s home. Baldev says you all feel I m bad, she told me she married me to save my life, not because she trusts I m innocent, where was Ranvi when I shouted I did not kill Nihaal, he trusted Rajveer when my friends told him that Rajveer is torturing in jail, Ranvi wanted to make Veera marry Rajveer, when I said Rajveer is bad guy. Veera starts throwing some bangles to help them trace her.

Gunjan asks Baldev to go and save Veera. Ranvi says its my mistake, don’t punish my sister, we have to save her Baldev. Baldev says don’t worry for her, she is my wife and I will see her. Ranvi shouts no, I m ashamed of my mistake, she is not just my sister, she is my life. He says you have also tortured her, but I m ready to forget all this for her. She says we can fight later, first we have to save her. Gunjan says Veera is waiting for you both, just go and save her. She needs you both. Jaggi asks did Rajveer take her in police jeep. Gunjan says yes. Jaggi says I will ask my friends and ask them. Ranvi asks Gunjan to go home and be with Biji. Baldev and Ranvi go together in his jeep.

Rajveer brings Veera to a godown. They ask some people seeing police jeep and come to know about it. He asks him to call Jaggi and Billa. Rajveer ties Veera to a chair and she scolds him, asking does he think he will be saved. She asks him to open her eyes and she will not leave him. He asks who will come to save her, her hero, this is not film, its reality, if she has any hero, then its him. He says once I make you mine, I will leave this place and find a new city. He says I thought to settle here in Pritampura and I have to leave now. She asks till when will he run. He says he is expert in this work and touches her. She turns and he says he will say everything about him.

The goons come. He asks them to be guard at the door and not let anyone come. He asks them to hide his jeep. Baldev thinks about Jaggi’s, Gunjan’s and Veera’s words and finds Veera. Mahiya………….plays………….. He gets her bangle and calls out Ranvi. He shows the bangle. Ranvi says its Veera’s bangle. They get more bangles. Ranvi says she has given this clue to us, she has thrown this purposely. Rajveer tells Veera about his posting in Gurdaspur, where he loved Kavita, and she chose death over him, but you will be mine, and Nihaal Chachu tried to know my truth. He says I have killed him. Veera is shocked. He says I have put the blame on Baldev, and you just think, the man wo can do tis for you, will love you a lot.

The goon stops Baldev and Ranvi, and they beat him up. He says he will love her more than Baldev and keep her more happy, and gives her two options, to say yes and get love, else say no and he will make her say yes forcefully. She says I would like to die than becoming yours. He hurts her and she cries. He asks her to shout. Ranvi gives hand to Baldev as he falls. Baldev gets up on his own showing annoyance. They hear Veera’s screams and break the door. Rajveer is shocked seeing them. Baldev beats Rajveer, while Ranvi frees Veera. Ranvi also beats Rajveer. Veera looks on.

Rajveer aims gun at them, and they stop. He sees Veera beside him, and aims gun at her. Ranvi says leave her. Rajveer says if she can’t be mine, she can’t be anyone else’s. They are shocked.

Ranvi gets the gun from Rajveer and beats him. He asks Veera is she fine. Baldev beats Rajveer and aims gun at him, and Veera and Ranvi are shocked.

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  1. This was a great episode but I’m wondering how Baldev is going to act around veera because he can’t just go back to normal in a second… Can’t wait for tomorrow this is to intense!!

  2. Stupid episode….. Like a film ….. Yuck

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