Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha telling her plan to let Ankush stay mistaken about our annoyance. Mala comes and she stops saying. Kalindi says don’t worry, Mala is on our side, she is a nice girl, she loves Ankush a lot. Mala says yes, Ankush is nice, but strange, I love him a lot, I will support you in making him good. Astha thanks her and decides that they will together change Ankush, and join hands. She asks Shlok to come. Shlok says she is so filmi, he is sure they will change Ankush. Astha says everything will be fine.

Ahilya waits for Poornima for dinner and asks servant to heat the food. Poornima comes and hugs her. She asks servant to get her bag from car and keep in room. He asks shall I get coffee for you. She scolds him and asks him to do what she said. Ahilya asks why so much anger. Poornima says we should make servants know their right place. She asks did kids get ne caretaker. Ahilya says yes, he is arrogant, Indrajeet did not like him, but he talks straight. Poornima says she will change him, and asks about new PA. Ahilya says she is nice, lets have dinner and then talk.

Ankush drinks and says he would have done this very early, its good Kalindi got insulted infront of her daughter’s inlaws. He laughs and says I have won today, cheers. Mala throws his bottle. He asks what is she doing here and how dare she tough his bottle. She scolds him for insulting his mum and hurting his sister, she is sure he is not Kalindi’s son, maybe his dad got him from somewhere. He says shut up, don’t take Kalindi’s side. She says she regrets to love him and leaves.

Its morning, Niranjan apologizes to Shlok as he is going to work in their house because of him. Shlok says no Baba, no need to apologize, its juts our bad time and will end soon, we will get our house back very soon, your lost self respect, I will get it back, I promise. Niranjan says he is proud of him and hugs him. He blesses him. Ahilya asks Indrajeet to have medicines before going. He smiles and asks how does she know what he wants. She says I did your upbringing and know you. He says yes, so I can do anything or you. She says I know you want to make me engaged in talk and go office without medicines. He says ten give it. She smiles and asks Astha to give. He asks about Poornima. She says she went for jogging, she is on strict diet. He says whose sister is she and smiles.

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He takes medicines and says he wants Poornima to get married. Ahilya says don’t worry, it will be done. The servant brings coffee for Astha. Astha says she will have it later. Ahilya asks her to have it, and asks servant about new guy. The servant says I made arrangements for his servant quarter. Indrajeet asks Ahilya not to get that guy over head, he does not like him. Ahilya says I think we should give him a chance, I feel he will be right for kids. He says just one mistake and that guy will be out. He says tell him to be just kids’ caretaker. Astha gets sad and prays to Bappa asking why is he showing this day to Shlok. Ahilya asks what happened, why are her eyes wet.
Indrajeet talks to Ahilya about ruining Agnihotris and ending their name from the business circle by taking over all the projects. Ahilya blesses him. He asks her to sign on the papers. He asks Sapna to stay here and make the guy meet kids, and tell him his work, he will see the office work. He leaves. Astha thinks why is this happening with my family, what did we do that we are seeing this day. She cries and says I did not think even in dream that Shlok is staying in servant room, why does they hate us, everyone will be upset knowing Indrajeet is ending Agnihotri name from market, Bappa help Shlok.

Ankush passes taunts on Mala. Kalindi says she is upset as Astha is annoyed with her, how to convince her. Mala says call her and explain, I m sure she will understand. Kalindi says she is disconnecting my call, I feel my fate has written that I stay away from both my kids. Ankush asks Mala for one more paratha and does not care for Kalindi. Anjali and Niranjan talk about Shlok. Niranjan hopes Shlok come back soon, he does not care for what he lost, as he has his children along. He says Varad, Shlok and me can do anything together.

She says your sons love you a lot, they will work, you don’t worry. He says I m not so old that I can’t help them. Ahilya asks Astha to set files for Indrajeet and then explain the new guy about his work. Poornima comes there and Astha turns. The coffee falls on Poornima and the cup and mobile also fall. Poornima gets angry seeing her dress spoiled. Astha says actually….. Poornima says just shut up and shouts on her. She says you have broken my mobile, and taunts her on her low status. Everyone come there. Poornima scolds a lot on her poverty and calls her cheap low class person. Shlok comes and hears this.

Astha cries. Poornima asks Astha to walk properly and tells the phone’s price. He says its more than your 4months salary. Shlok gets angry seeing Astha getting scolded. Poornima says you would have not seen such costly phone in your life. Astha says Poornima, you bumped into me. Poornima says enough, not a word more, who gave you permission to call me Poornima. She says whenever you have to talk to me, call me Poornima Mam. She says you work for us, we give you salary for your work. She asks Ahilya to kick out this girl right away, as she is arguing with her. Ahilya says calm down, I will talk to her. She says Sapna, you did mistake, say sorry fast and end this matter here. Poornima says see, she is not saying sorry even when you said. She asks Astha to say sorry otherwise get out.

Poornima asks Shlok did his parents not reach him to wish his boss, always greet your boss, did he understand now. Shlok says I did not. Poornima stops and looks at him. Astha stands behind Shlok and looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like poornima performance today

  2. hate u poornima idiot
    love u astha dont say sorry pls yaar
    2days epi was average

    1. hi madhu!!

  3. I love shlok(Avinash)

  4. Chee..this Poornima….she has only money.. no good qualities at all.she don’t know that good qualities r more valuable than can be lost someday but qualities….it’s not like past when Aastha had money she didn’t do that.not only Aastha but also whole family.they didn’t talk to Sita like this.Thatswhy Sita is working 4 them till now.

    And Shlok ur reply in precap is superb!! don’t bend infront of her ego

  5. poornima needs medical help

  6. Shlok poornitha
    Astha indrajeet. .

    1. Sorry poornima. .

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