Veera 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with ranveer shouts on gunjan and says, you have really fall down in my eyes. Do you have his number? Gunjan says I called him but he doesnt respond.. I think he ran away. Veera shows the sketch of krishi vidhyalaya and says, i will prepare demo architecture with architect soon. Biji says, i am seeing building right now. I am very happy because ranveer and gunjan is also giving some time to each to other. Ranveer came to home and biji asks, what happens putar? Ranveer says, i am feeling tired. Biji says, eat some food. Gunjan says, i will serve him food. Ranveer says, i am not hungry, i am going to take rest. Biji says, no problem putar, you serve whenever he ate.

Gunjan says, please eat food. Ranveer says, i am counting rupees but it is not complete. Veera meets with ranveer and ask, what happens? ranveer says, nothing i will tell you later. Ranveer moved away. Veera says, i think this time also gunjan does something .Veera asks gunjan, what you have done with veerji? Gunjan says, nothing. Veera says, dont break my veerji’s heart. If veerji will leave you then he will not return back. Gunjan says to herself, what will i do? Everybody will gets angry with me if they knows everything.

Ranveer ask about money with dalveer and dalveer says, we dont have money right now but what happens.
Baldev says, Do you ask jaswant about jewellery. Ranveer says, he didnt do this. Baldev says, i will stop myself till this evening afterwards i will beat jaswant and you couldnt stop me this time.

Biji says to ranveer that deposit money in banks. Ranveer says, can i take 75 thousand in it. Biji ask reason about it and ranveer says, i cannot tell the reason right now but i utilizing this money in right place. Biji gives permission to take money. Veera says, i thinks this is related with gunjan.

Ranveer withdraw jewellery from bank after giving money and Veera sees everything.

Baldev’s friend came and says, i have bring movie ticket for you and veera bhabi. Baldev throw the ticket and says, i will not bring veera in that film because she will only see movie not me. Bring some romantic movie tickets. Friends says, ok no problem i will bring romantic movie ticket. Baldev says, but how she will come with me. Baldev friends says, she will definitely come with you and shows a chloroform bottle.

Baldev’s friend shows how it works and then he sneezes. Baldev uses same hankerchief in which chloroform is pored. Ranveer gives jewellery box to gunjan and says, go and give to your biji and remove all charges and save that innocent servant .

Gunjan says, from where did you get money. Ranveer says, it is not important for you but this money is not earned by stealing. Veera heard all this. Veera came after going veerji out and confronts gunjan, you think everytime wrong to us but now this time you did with your parents. how could you do this? You are not loyal to us but not even with your parents..

Precap:- Baldev says, Did Ranveer done wrong with you, you just tell me. Gunjan says, Ranveer is always protecting me.

Update Credit to: tushar

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