Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Suresh wants to know what’s the motive behind her studies. She has no clue about it. He smiles sarcastically. You are not at fault women are like that only. They do everything without thinking anything. You can study if you want to but you must know why and till when! His phone continues to beep with messages as Latika is on off today so everyone is contacting him only. He leaves.

Doc writes down prescription for Pratik and gives it to Rishi. Latika comes there. Rishi tells her about it and goes to get the medicines while Latika stays with Pratik. She starts tidying the room. He tells her she doesn’t need to do all this as everything will be same once she leaves. She doesn’t answer him. Is the maid not coming? The house is a mess. He says he is fine. You can go to office now. I have been taking care of myself since last 5-6 years and can do so in the future as well. She sits down next to him. I know I have made many mistakes but you also know that we are very different from each other. I think we should give each other another chance. She holds out khichdi for him. He is doubtful that things might turn ugly again. She apologizes to him but he wants to be like this only. She requests him to eat a little as he is angry with her not food. There was an assignment in Diya’s school where she had to draw her family. She shows him the drawing. Diya is with her mom while Pratik stands separately in a corner. Diya is small yet she understands everything. She knows her parents can go separate ways. I don’t want her to go through all this. We should be together again for Diya’s sake and for ourselves too. He takes khichdi from her and eats it. He likes what she has cooked and is actually surprised that she has cooked it. Latika smiles.

Sakshi is missing Karan. She has been looking at Karan’s photo but then hears the voice message which he has sent. He too is missing her. What are you doing other than missing me? She replies in a similar manner. I am cleaning the mess made by you in our room. Their clothes are all tangles up. She is about to send an I miss you voice message when Sharda comes there. Sakshi has to give clothes for laundry; make puja preps. Sakshi sent a wrong voice message by mistake and Karan replies very cutely to it which leaves her smiling big time.

Sharda is leaving for her school but Sakshi stops her. Some voting officials have come home to take signatures of voters in every house. It is important for you to stay here. Suresh remarks something regarding ordinary people and politicians. He takes Suresh and Sakshi’s sign and then asks Sharda to put her thumb impression. Sharda looks at Sakshi who shakes her head at her. Sharda asks for a pen shocking Suresh and Dadi and the official as well. Title track plays. Sakshi smiles as Sharda takes a pen and signs her full name on the paper. Suresh doesn’t look too happy and neither does Dadi. Officer apologizes to Sharda as she has been doing that for years. He leaves. Suresh also goes from there followed by Dadi. Sharda shares a hug with Sakshi as they both feel happy about what just happened.

Latika wants to go see a doc once more but Pratik assures her he is fine. Do you really think it is good for Diya that we stay together? Latika denies. Our staying together is important for both of us. I know I am very ambitious. Dad is right that I am like that kite who wants to fly higher and higher in the sky but I can do that till I am connected to you. My life, success, ambitions are meaningless till you are away from me. He feels the same way but is scared of losing her. She assures him she is very much attached to him till now as well. He agrees to take another chance as you never know when things can turn out to be good. But we will have some rules this time. I don’t want us to repeat our mistakes. One, he wants them to spend as much time with Diya as possible. We will make sure that either one of us will be with her all the time. Two, we can fight as much as we want to but we will sort it out together. You wont go to your parents house every time. Three, you will have to give max time to your family by managing your office time. She withdraws her hand this time. He knew she wouldn’t agree to it. She stresses on how important work is for her. He only want her to spend more time with her family then office. She knows he has made all these rules for her. I too want to spend time with you guys but my work is important too. He says our family is because of you. If you don’t support me then we will fall apart. Do you want that?

Sakshi is trying Karan’s phone but it is unreachable. She looks at his photo and sits down before the mirror. Humko Humi se Chura lo plays. She imagines that Karan is there with her and they are happy together. She caresses his photo as her dream ends and smiles sweetly.

Sakshi is again trying Karan’s number but in vain. Sharda sweetly explains the fun in staying away from each otherbwhen you are in love. Sharda makes her taste something. The curry lacks salt in the first go but in the second spoon Sharda adds it and Sakshi loves it. Sharda explains that you realise someone’s importance when they are away from you. Sakshi nods. Tell me one thing when you were newly married and papa used to go out then what did you used to do as there were no cell phones back then. Sharda used to wait. A letter and phone cannot equal to someone’s presence. I used to wait for him (Suresh) too just like you are waiting for Karan right now. Sakshi feels shy. I also used to do embroidery on a hanky and keep them together. When he used to come back home he could realise how much I had missed him by looking at them. I dint have to say anything as he used to understand everything on his own.

Diya and Nani are bored doing their homework. They both talk sweetly to each other. Diya suggests doing something else like dancing. She also agrees to teach her. Diya plays Bum Bum bole and makes her Nani dance with her. Sharda copies her moves. Sakshi was passing by and smiles looking at them. She thinks of something and comes inside to stop the music. She asks about their homework. Diya wants to dance a little as she was bored doing her homework. Sakshi says the one who hasn’t finished their homework will be punished. Diya points out that Nani too hasn’t completed her homework yet. Both Diya and Sharda hold their ears saying it it very tough. Sakshi tells them to stand there like that only while they apologize to her. Dadi comes there asking them about what’s happening. It is your fast today Sharda. Have you eaten anything since morning or not? And why were you holding your ears like that? Diya tells her about their punishment. Looks like Sakshi had forgotten about the fast. She apologizes to Ma. She tells Dadi how ma was doing it because of her punishment. You please go and eat something. Sharda wants to finish her homework first. Dadi blames Sakshi for everything. You have studied so much but have forgotten your values. Who punishes their MIL like this? Suresh is right in saying we have everything by God’s grace then why do you need to study? You should leave all this. Diya agrees with Dadi. You leave it and I too will leave it as we have everything. Sharda shakes her head at her. Dadi asks Sakshi to feed her MIL something. Sakshi takes her forcibly.

Sharda will only eat once Suresh is home. I have never eaten without feeding him. Sakshi apologizes to her once again for forgetting about her fast. Sharda agrees with what Dadi and Suresh have been saying. My classmates have a reason behind their studying but I have none. Sakshi agrees with Suresh. People study for they want to do something in life. But the real education is when you come to understand yourself and try to make you realise who you are. You are also studying for the same reason. Sharda agrees. I too am studying to make my own identity.

Precap: Suresh shouts at Sharda. Do you know what you have done? He is upset with Sharda for making Latika cook and for sending her to pratik’s house again. Enough of all that or you will make her useless like you.

Update Credit to: pooja

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