Veera 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera telling Baldev that she is ready to marry him. He lifts her happily. She says she will talk to Ranvi. He smiles and thanks the Lord. Bansuri is shocked hearing them. She moves and a pot breaks. Veera and Baldev hug and does not see her. She thinks to leave else they will think she is spying on them. She falls and gets hurt. She hides from them. Baldev and Veera leave. She says what will happen when Veera comes in my home. Ratan does her work in the village and asks the men to start the work soon. She is tired and looks at the sun. She sweats and is unable to walk. She slips and Nihaal holds her. They have an eyelock.

He says he will drop her home and see all the work. They walk towards the home. He asks her not to do the work, as he is here. She says once Ranvi comes back, he will do all the work. He says but he is in Mumbai. She says I know my son, he can’t be happy being away from Pind for long. Ranvi is annoyed with Gunjan. Gunjan asks him to talk to her. He sits to have food. She asks him to think music is his passion. He says he can do this being in Pind also, whats the need to stay here. She says its needed, everything is here. He says yes, this does not matter to me, I want to go to my pind, my family. She says she made friends here and won’t leave.

They argue. He says he has booked their tickets and he will end his recordings tomorrow. Gunjan cries and talks to Bansuri. She says Ranvi has broken all my dreams and he is not talking to me. Bansuri asks her to be good to Ranvi, he wants to come to Pind, let him come, you can take him back to Mumbai, I will help you. Gunjan asks are you sure. Bansuri says yes sure. Gunjan says fine, I will tell him I don’t have any problem, so we are coming. Bansuri says come soon, I need to talk something important. She ends the call. Bansuri thinks she will find the solution of Veera’s problem.

Ratan asks Chai ji did Veera not come.Chai ji says no. Veera comes to Baldev and says sorry, actually……….. Chaiji tells about Ranvi and Gunjan coming. Baldev says good, we will talk to him. He hugs Ratan and Chaiji and then goes to hug Veera. Ratan stops him and they smile. Chaiji asks why is he so happy today. Veera smiles. Baldev says you start doing marriage arrangements, as Veera has said yes. Ratan and Chai ji get happy and smile. Ratan hugs Veera. Baldev says me too. Ratan hugs Baldev. She says Ranvi has to say yes too. Baldev hopes and leaves. Veera and everyone start preparing to welcome Ranvi. Veera tells Baldev that I hope everything is fine.

Ranvi and Gunjan come. Veera hugs him. Gunjan brings a big bag. Chai ji says I forgot you will get western clothes and I feel you came here by force. Gunjan says no, I came here by my happiness. Everyone smile. Ranvi says he was missing everyone and is happy coming home. He says he won’t let Veera go anywhere. She says she won’t go as she needs to talk many things. He asks like that. Ratan looks on. Veera says take rest, then we will talk. Bansuri thinks Baldev did nit tell me, I will get time to think about it, don’t know when will Gunjan come to meet me. Balwant says lets go and meet Ranvi and Gunjan. Baldev brings clothes for his parents. Balwant asks whats this, did you take money from my safe without asking me. Baldev says its same if we both spend. He brings shagun sweets and clothes. Bansuri asks whose shagun. Baldev smiles and says I m going to marry. Balwant says what. Baldev says yes, with your blessings. Balwant asks with whom, who will agree to marry you. Baldev says you don’t value me.

Baldev says no one can be equal to this girl. Balwant asks who is she. Bansuri says talk later. She stops Baldev from saying it. Baldev says hear me once, think who it can be. Bansuri says leave it. Balwant asks who is she. Baldev gives them three hints. Baldev says the hints and then says her name is Veera….. Balwant is shocked and says our Veera. He says tell me how did she agree to marry you. Baldev says why, don’t you trust your son. He says she loves me, and I also love her, her family is very happy, just have to tell Ranvi. Bansuri says you can’t marry Veera. Baldev and Balwant look at her shocked.

Veera likes the gifts by Ranvi. He says he knows her likes and dislikes very well. Ratan and Chai ji ask Veera to say it. Veera tries to tell about Baldev and her…….

Update Credit to: Amena

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