Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji asks nisha to serve ritesh dinner, ritesh says to laxmi that he loved the food n says he loves homemade food, dadaji says ritesh ur right laxmi cooks very tasty food but unfortunately her daughter cant cook, dadi asks dadaji to stop insulting n scolding nisha, dadaji says it has been just 4 days since ritesh met nisha n so he shd know how nisha n her behaviour is anyways ritesh if u wanna ask nisha anything go ahead, ritesh says im an NRI good looking n gold medallist in MBA but still respect n agree wat elders say n so if u have chosen nisha for me im ok with it infact very happy n i even know nisha is very modern for my family n i even know nisha will control herself n i will manage, nisha says she wanna ask ritesh few questions, dadaji says in such cases girls don’t speak, nisha says but i will its u who keeps saying im n uninvited trouble in our family so let ritesh know wat trouble he has to manage after marriage n says so ritesh can u cook since i cant , can u wash clothes since im always dirty , can u handle kids our u will leave me n ur kids with the maids, laxmi asks nisha to stop, nisha says u people amongst ur self decided ritesh as my future n he will manage or improve me, its my life i will decide whom to marry when to marry or not to marry n no one else, dadaji says nisha no one will take wrong deisions for u, nisha says yes i know that but mistakes can happen u cant deny that n it can be like i want to explain u something n ur not getting that, dadaji says i have tried a lot to understand u n will give u one more chance wat do u want to explain, n i cant let u ruin ur life due to ur stubbornness n also one thing ritesh likes u so u have to get married to him, nisha gets off the table n walk away suku n bunty go along with her. Ritesh says dadaji i like nisha, dadaji says rites him sorry for nishas behaviour ritesh says its ok, dadaji calls bunty n asks him to take ritesh n introduce him to other family members. Laxmi leaves the room n goes in corridor n starts crying, suku hugs her n asks her to stop crying while roopan comes to laxmi n asks her to calm down laxmi hugs roopan n starts crying, roopan says laxmi stop crying we all know how our nisha is n dadaji shdnt have done this to nisha wat must be he thinking, ritesh comes n says ritesh always thinks positively, its taught in MBA that till we achieve our target we shdnt give up just always be positive n keep smiling, sourabh says ritesh nisha isn’t any target, ritesh says oh im sorry i was just joking, sourabh says it wasn’t funny n leaves, ritesh says why does he have such attitude oh yes after all he is nishas frnd, umesh says ritesh chill if u were joking it was a liitle too much, ritesh says laxmi aunty plz don’t feel bad i had a good time here n bonded very well with bunty as well, roopan says ritesh nisha isn’t always so hyper instead she is a very good person at heart, laxmi says i will go n look after nisha, dadi stops her n says leave nisha alone for some time. Ramesh n dadaji are alone at the dining table, ramesh serves himself food n says roopan has prepared very tasty custard u have some also , dadaji says im banned to eat sweet, ramesh says is this ban for speaking as well, ramesh says wat has nisha done wrong just that she wants to leave her life the way she wants it, dadaji says look back in ur past n i don’t want nisha to face that, ramesh says i know that but nisha shd be given a chance, dadaji says u were also given a chance n u failed, ramesh says u hadn’t given i ran away from the house, dadaji says but wat are the results, ramesh says i failed bcoz of lack of support, n i had failed not given up, dadaji says i would never let u give up n so i brought u back n brought ur life back on track n wat is bad in ur life now, ramesh says this is notmy life im just living it as someone elses, dadaji says don’t blame others for ur failure if i wasn’t there u n ur family would be on roads now, ramesh says may be but we would be happy, dadaji says this exactly this wrong attitude of urs is in ur kids, ramesh says but i will not let them live their lives against their wishes, dadaji says till u are under this house u have to follow wat i say. Umesh says to dadi its long time can i now go n talk to nisha, dadi says ok, ritesh stops umesh n says i think i can handle her let me go, umesh says to ritesh so u think u can handle her better than me, ritesh says relax im just saying that my technique could prove better, jwala says nisha must be very angry n in bad mood n so we cousins will handle her, roopan asks jwala to go to bed as she has to wake early for school n says ritesh shd go to nisha this will give them some time together, ritesh says ok come bunty lets go. Ritesh goes to jwala n adjust his hair in her glasses, bunty goes to laxmi n says i don’t want to go with ritesh , laxmi says u have to go n that to with a smile. On way to nishas room ritesh irritates bunty a lot so with a trick bunty looks him in the washroom, ritesh bangs the door n asks bunty to open the door saying he is scared of darkness, bunty says in front of all u praise my sister n later talk ill abt her now deal with this situation, outside the room bunty meets kirti, kirti aks bunty hows her eye liner , bunty says i don’t understand all this n why are u so dolled up in the night , kirti says bcoz we have guest in house i wish dolly was here, kirti asks bunty wat is this noise, bunty runs away, kirti goes n check n finds ritesh locked in, kirti says oh m i dreaming or is it really ritesh, while ritesh keeps banging n asks to open the door, kirti opens the door n while doing so bangs ritesh head n asks him wat was he doing inside, ritesh says ur cousins bunty i will, kirti says u will give bad words to a kid, ritesh says no no i just love bunty, kirti says how im looking, ritesh says nice as usual can u tell me which way is the terrace, kirti says looks like u wanna meet nisha come i will show, kirti shows ritesh the way n wishes him all the best, ritesh says im not scared of her i can handle any girl, kirti says we will see, ritesh goes to see nisha while kirti messages nisha that ritesh is coming to meet u, ritesh goes to nisha n says nisha i can cook Italian food will learn to cook Indian as well n i have an washing machine n abt kids its difficult to get maids in US n so we will take maids along with us, nisha says relax ritesh why don’t u understand i don’t want to get married, ritesh says ur over reacting everything will go fine after we get married n holds nishas hand, nisha says im saying please n better know my anger behind that please n never ever dare to touch me, ritesh says calm down nisha, whatever happened at the dinner table it wasn’t my fault but still im sorry n i was just flirting with u n its normal if a couple engages such moments before marriage, nisha says the problem is u have an habbit of just speaking n not listening n to get married both the persons shd agree n not just one, ritesh says u are rejecting me , nisha says im rejecting the idea of getting married n it will be good if u reject me as well, ritesh says are u mad, oh i know ur mad but to this extent this is unbelievable, nisha says wat do u belive that i go mad in ur dreams n go mad abt getting married to u , ritesh says wats wrong in that infact wats wrong in me im good looking rich n wat else does a girl find in a boy, nisha says its a choice to reject things she hates like marriage.

PRECAP: Ritesh says to nisha in five days my mom n dad will be here in india n i promise u will fall in love with me in these 5 days.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. I dont think nisha will because she is not like the other girls and ritesh although handsome is to sure of himself and needs to realise money is not everything

  3. the updation of this is very slow…….plz update it fast. today’s serial it ended at 9pm and its 10:10 now. Still there is no update.for YHM(yeh hai mohabbatein) the writtn update is available on the next minute of the serial end.plz learn from dat.

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