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Veera 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi hugging Veera. Gunjan asks Veera why did she not tell Ranvi about Baldev and her. Veera says Ranvi is busy here, and did not have time, I will tell him when he comes home. She asks Ranvi to sing well. Veera and Ratan go back to Pind. Ranvi gets busy with his events and singing. Gunjan loves the limelight. The days passes. Ranvi comes home and sees Gunjan exercising. Gunjan says your breakfast is kept. He says whats this. She says brown bread and salad. He says just this. She says yes, everyone eat this in Mumbai. Ranvi looks on.

Veera talk to someone about the land problem. The man says how will the Krish Vidyalaya benefit us. She says we will teach farming. He says its in blood, no need to learn such things. Gunjan sees some car models. She asks the man to book the most costly car. He asks does she need loan. She laughs and says no, you don’t know me, I m superstar Ranvijay’s wife Gunjan, money is not a problem. Veera talks to Baldev. He asks her not to worry as he will manage everything. She smiles and hugs him. Gunjan buys a flat. Bansuri sees Baldev with some girl. Baldev is with Veera resting hr head on his shoulder. Bansuri says who is this girl. She stops as a lady calls her name. She thinks she can’t let them see Baldev with the girl, else her name will spoil.

She thinks she will ask Baldev when he comes back and leaves with the ladies. She comes home and thinks does Baldev have an affair with Veera. She smiles and says Ranvi can do anything for Veera, if she becomes my bahu, then I will get what Veera gets. She imagines Ranvi gifting gold necklace to Veer and her, as she has become Veera’s bahu. Veera takes the gift and says its mine. She asks Bansuri to sweep the house. She says noooooo….. She says I can’t let Veera come in my house, Baldev can’t marry Veera.

She looks for the love letters in Baldev’s room. Baldev comes home and sees her searching. He asks what are you doing. She asks was he with any girl in afternoon. He is shocked and says no, which girl. She says I saw you, tell me who is she. Baldev thinks what to do, if I tell her, this will reach Ranvi, Veera wants to tell Ranvi, I will tell her when Veera is ready. He says how do you get this thoughts, you saw someone else and doubting on me, I was not with any girl. She thinks he is hiding and will get him married soon.

Baldev asks Ratan did Veera come back. Veera comes home. Ratan asks Veera not to go out much. Veera says the work is not done. Ratan asks her not to worry. Baldev says don’t take tension, everything will be fine. Veera says the land problem and the owner not ready to sell the land which will connect the Krish Vidyalaya with the highway road. Ratan asks her to take Ranvi when he comes, as he will talk to them, everyone know him now. Baldev gets annoyed. Veera smiles and says yes right, Ranvi can help. She leaves. Baldev is angry as Veera does not trust him, can’t he do this work, I will show them doing this work before Ranvi comes, else I won’t show my face to Veera.

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Gunjan hugs Ranvi. Ranvi says you got more busy. Gunjan says she is worried for their future. She shows him the flat pics and says 13th floor flat is ours now. He says what. She says it has everything. He says we are not going to be here always. She says we will stay here as your career will be here. He says you decided alone. She says yes, I wanted to give you surprise. He says did you ask Ratan or Veera about this, they are away from us, did you say you are settling here away from them. She says why to say them, they will understand. He gets angry for deciding alone. She says its my and your life.

He says your list never ends, I want to go to Pind, but I can’t as you don’t wish my work to end here. She says she is fulfilling his dream. He says no, I dreamt to fulfill my family and Pind’s dreams, I have to go back to Pind. Don’t try to stop me. She says I m doing this for your happiness. He says you can lie to me, not yourself, you are running after your happiness and did not think about my happiness, I m not happy here away from family. Gunjan cries. He says my happiness is with my family and I will go to them now.

Veera works to organize the documents. She gets Baldev’s call. He asks her to come at Dhaba in half an hour. She says not now, later. He says don’t you have time for me, I have to always request, come for 15mins please. He says you will come if you love me. She says fine. She comes at the Dhaba and calls out Baldev. She says where is he. Baldev comes and smiles. She asks why is Dhaba vacant. He says he has sent everyone as he wants to talk to her alone. She asks what is it.

He says I will make you very happy today. She says I was doing work and you lied to call me here. He asks her to see the papers. She says did you bring Shayari. He says you don’t take serious. She says she does not have time for romance and fight now. He tries to stop her and the papers fall in fire. Baldev is shocked. He says the papers were the permission of the land. She says she did not expect this from him.

He gets angry and says you think I can’t do anything, you don’t think I m suitable for you, what will Ranvi think then, I thought to show you I m capable, but no, you don’t think I m capable, I feel you are not ready to marry me, you did not value me and won’t do ever, I m sure you don’t want to marry me. She says I will marry. He says no, I know……….. She smiles. He asks what did you say. She says I love you a lot, I will surely marry you whenever you say, as you are very capable man in my eyes and I m ready to give my life in your hands. He smiles. Music plays…………. He hugs her.

Gunjan asks Ranvi to stay in Mumbai as it has everything here, how can he think to leave all this and do farming in Pind. He says he wants to go to her family. She says she won’t go from here leaving her friends here.

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