Beintehaa 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surayya reaches Zain’s house with Fahad. She gets irked seeing Aliya there. Zain wakes up seeing her. Surayya says Zain if he knows what is he doing and asks Aliya why she acts as being very religious. Aaliya says she did not do anything wrong. Zarina asks if she is not ashamed to spend a night with her divorced husband. Rahman asks if she is not ashamed to talk like this. Zarina says when she is not ashamed of doing heinous act, why should she. Surayya asks Zain to come with her. Rehan reaches there and says he heard from Shabana that you are here, so he came to pick her up. Surayya thinks she saw only either Rehan or Zain worried for Aaliya. Rehan asks Zain to take care of himself and walks out signalling Aaliya to come out. Zain holds Aaliya’s hand and says he will wait for her. She nods yes and leaves. Fahad asks Zain to learn from this, Aaliya went with Rehan to her home without hesitate and he is thinking of only her.

Shabana’s neighbours enters her house forcefully and ask her to fear god about Aaliya being with her ex-husband, else she and Ghulam will not be even buried in muslim burial ground. Aaliya comes home and sees Ghulam and Shabana tensed. She asks them what happened. Shabana says people took Ghulam for 1 hour and insulted him and some ladies also insulted her because of her affair with Zain and asks her to mend her ways. Zain calls Aaliya. Shabana sees his name and throws Aaliya’s phone. She calls Fahad and informs him about his plan. Aaliya gets tensed hearing her plan. Fahad says Shabana as she wishes and cuts call. Fahad then informs Zain that Aaliya with neither talk nor meet him and says neighbours have warned them to mend their ways, so Aaliya has chosen her family and why don’t he understand that. Zain asks how can he so confidently say that. Fahad says he got a call from Shabana who informed him about this. Zain says it cannot be true. Rahman says he will go and check the truth and walks out. Surayya asks Zain to come with her. He says Aaliya has promised to come back, so he will not go anywhere.

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Aaliya sees stone pelting at her house and says Shabana that she will give police complaint. Shabana asks all neighbours are irked, whose complaint she will give. Just then another stone shatters window glass and falls on floor. Ghulam angrily asks whoever is pelting stone, to come in front of him.

Zain on his bed sadly reminisces Fahad’s words that Aaliya does not want to keep any relationship with him. Hai dil ko teri arzoo….. song plays in the background. He starts crying and gets restless. Aaliya on the other side also does not get sleep and reminisces her happier moment with Zain. Zain looks at his and Aaliya’s photo frame and hugs it. Aaliya reminisces her promise to Zain that she will meet him. She then walks towards Zain’s house and sees his effigy being burnt on the road. A goon holds her on knife’s point and warns her to run away, else he will kill Zain. Goon is none other than Bilal and he reminisces throwing stone at Aaliya’s house. He calls Zarina and says he did his work. Zarina says this is the right time to use religion and separate Zain and Aaliya, says we pelted stone and cut power, but Aaliya’s family will think that mob is doing it.

Aaliya worriedly walks towards Zain’s house. Rahman sees Aaliya and asks if she is alright. She says some goon was saying he will kill Zain. Rahman says nothing will happen. Aaliya says people are against her love. Rahman says relgion’s main motto is to unite people and not frighten them with knife. He says she has to take a decision with which she will be in peace and can live her life peacefully. Aaliya says she cannot be in peace as all her relationships are at stake. Rahman asks her to think about her relationship with god and says he knows she is a true muslim and has followed religion rigorously, asks her to think if god will be happy with her decision or not. Aaliya gets engrasped in to thinking.

Precap: Surayya says Rehan that she wants his help and want him to marry Aaliya. Aaliya informs Zain that she is ready to perform halala nikah.

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  1. Another new plan of surraya. The show’s trp is getting lower day by day & don’t knw, why dey r after dis track. Anyways luv zaya….

  2. I still preferred Rangrasiya…

  3. Very boring …. I don’t feel like watching

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