Veera 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Veera 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjeet asking Geet to sing but if she does not do any household work or not see Deepu, she will not spare her. Geet says she will do her duties first. Baldev comes there. Veera asks when did he wake up, she will bring food. Bansuri says come and have food. Baldev says he will have food at panchayat office, I m still the sarpanch and see the work there. He leaves. Bansuri says he has seen Veera’s face and left. Balwant says you don’t get tired of your taunts. He asks Veera not to hear all this and take Geet to Ranvi and make her rehearse. Veera says fine.

Veera takes Geet and Deepu. Manjeet tells Bansuri that Veera has become a problem for her too, she could have replied Balwant. Bansuri says Balwant can’t see anything infront of Veera, she is best girl in pind and best guy is Ranvi. Ranvi asks Ratan did she see Gunjan. Ratan says she went to her friend. He says in morning, is everything fine, she did not tell me. Deepu comes with Geet and Veera and greets them. Ratan says Manjeet was very angry that day. Geet says you can’t believe what happened, Veera has told the truth to her on breakfast table, Biji was very angry and Balwant took my side and she agreed.

Deepu says she can smell suji ka halwa and wants to have it. Ratan says she is very smart and takes her. Ranvi looks at Veera. Veera says she has nothing to tell him. He says did I not see what happened there, Baldev dragged you and took you, did he get this right, you married him and now he is not with love with you. She says he loves me even now, the situation is not right. He says situation is bad for many people, even Gunjan and I had problems, did I insult her.

She says you both are different and have different way to love and show annoyance, you don’t tell anyone if you are hurt and Baldev is always angry, I like him that way. He says I m hurt seeing you like this. She says she also fights with Baldev. He talks about Gunjan, she is hurt that she can’t have any child. She says Gunjan has just you, spend time with her. Ratan says Veera and I are going to Preeto’s home. Ranvi and Geet go to drop Deepu. Veera asks about Gunjan.

Gunjan learns singing by the Guru ji. She does not sing well and he asks her to sing well, and sings again. He says no, not this way and gets irked. He asks did she sing before. She says no, but I can sing, I learn anything soon like dance. He says don’t feel bad, I will have to work hard on you, this is not easy. She says she can work hard and can sacrifice eating sweet and sour things, its imp for me.

He says fine, whatever you know, just sing. She says fine and sings Ranvi’s song. He makes faces and can’t bear her rough voice. Ratan and Veera come to meet Preeto and knock the door. They ask Preeto whats the problem that she is not sending her daughter to school.

Preeto asks them to sit. She says the financial problem, they work in fields to get money to work on their own fields, but they failed and is using earnings to manage home. She says she did not get any money from lender and is selling her harvest at low prices. Ratan says she is very courageous and whats bad in asking for help, they all are their people. Veera says I will talk to Baldev, he is sarpanch, I m sure he will find some way. Preeto thanks her.

Baldev is in sarpanch office and few men complain over a petty issue. Veera comes and says she needs to talk something imp. He says she is in sarpanch office, and asks her to wait. She thinks she will talk to him today.

Baldev talks to many people and makes Veera stand for long. He says everyone is equal to him and he will not rush to talk to his wife first. Veera comes to him and he asks did she wait for long, what she has to say. She says I know you are annoyed, I came here to talk about Preeto, she is widow and tell her financial problems. She says kids are not able to go to school and she does not have any money for food. He says he will see what to do, don’t worry. He says bring her tomorrow to panchayat office. She says fine and leaves. He smiles and thinks he will help her being sarpanch.

Manjeet slaps Geet and scares her. Geet says she is getting hurt. Manjeet says she will not leave her, everyone knows her as she is her bahu, else no one will know her. Veera comes and says Tai ji.

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