Begusarai 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom is shocked seeing deadbodies of family who were coming for proposal, Birla becomes unconscious, Priyom leaves on his bike to meet Lakhan, Poonam runs behind him but he leaves. Servant tells Poonam that Priyom has gone to fight with Lakhan. Mitlaish comes out and ask what drama is this? he is stunned seeing deadbodies, servant says Lakhan did this, Priyom has gone to fight with him, only you can handle situation, Mitlaish says its not needed, he says to Maya that i am not in mood to handle it, he leaves to his room, Maya goes behind him and says i know you are ignoring it but why? Lakhan can do anything with Priyom, Mitlaish says i know many secrets which i shouldnt, he says we will have no time and concern for any matter of begusarai, for me my kids are my only concern, i will have time for you, Dadi and Papa can decide anything without thinking about anyone, he leaves.
Priyom comes to Lakhan’s house. Lakhan is playing cricket, Rekha says now he will start his drama, Priyom angrily looks at Lakhan. he ask did you kill that family? you killed kids too, Lakhan says i am busy, keep aside, Priyom says you dont know result of all this, he holds him by collar, Lakhan gets angry and pushes him away, he hit him on face with bat, Rekha is stunned too, it starts bleeding from Priyom’s head, Priyom gets angry and hits Lakhan.

Scene 2
Poonam is tensed. Bindya comes to Birla and ask what happened? Lakhan has gone mad, from time his marriage with Poonam broke, he has become animal, how can he kill people like this, what will happen now? who will marry Poonam? Lakhan will do like this with all families coming for Poonam’s marriage and Poonam will not marry Lakhan, if i was in you place, i would have given poison to Poonam, all this was done by Lakhan but Poonam will be blamed, i cant lessen your pain, Birla is silent, Bindya thinks this Lakhan killed groom which i fixed for Poonam, now birla will do what i want.
Lakhan beats Priyom with bat, Priyom is pool of blood, Poonam comes there and is shocked,, Lakhan is beating Priyom, she goes to Rekha and ask her to stop Lakhan, he will kill Priyom, Rekha says we can interrupt inbetween men, dont be ashamed, she grabs Poonam and doesnt let her goo, Poonam cries for Priyom, Lakhan beats Priyom, Poonam ask Rekha to leave her, Lakhan takes gun in hand and says you will pay because you are son of Phulan, Poonam pushes Rekha and runs to Priyom, she hugs Priyom and says to Lakhan that dont kill him, she cries hugging him, Lakhan is about to shoot when Bhushan, Phulan and Manjeeta comes there, Phulan points gun at Lakhan and says dont even think of shooting my son, Manjeeta points gun at him, Lakhan is surrounded by Phulan’s men, Phulan is about to shoot Lakhan but Rekha comes inbetween and says where is proof that Lakhan killed that family? why you always blame my son? Priyom came here to fight with him, he just protected himself by beating Priyom, Phulan says i was robber too so dont ask me to find proofs, Lakhan pushes Rekha away and says i am not afraid of you, i have same blood as yours, i am Thakur too, Phulan put downs the gun, Lakhan says i can make people afraid but cant get afraid, Phulan says i dont bow to wrong and you are at wrong end, Lakhan says in your eyes, i am wrong and in my eyes, you are wrong so we both will not bow down so one has to break, Phulan says you are doing all this to get Poonam? i gave you chance to get Poonam back, be a man who is given respect by women but you proved again that you doesnt deserve Poonam so you will not get her back, put in your mind that there is only one goon in Begusarai that is Phulan Thakur and till i am alive, you will not be able to marry Poonam, Lakhan is stunned.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Precap- Birla mixes poison in laddoos and asks Poonam to eat and says every thing will be fine after eating Prashand.

  2. Really? ??????,,this precap tx..atiba n lytanya

  3. Welcome @omi

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