Veera 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 25th March 2013 Written Update

Ratan prays to rabbji and asks people about Ranvi …A lady says they are a lovely family and God will not do anything bad to them…Nihala nd ratan are both embarrassed and before they can correct the lady she leaves while Veera is busy watching a bro-sis on the street…

They then spot the golden temple and walk towards it…Ranvi is only a few feet away each time but they keep missing him…The beautiful golden temple and the bustle around it is shown while Ranvi bows down to pray and asks people about his papaji…He then taken a dip in the holy water when Ratan, Veera and Nihal are just above with eyes closed in ardaas..The two keep missing each other a few times…

Later, Veera spots a boy in Ranvi’s uniform and alerts Ratan while Ranvi spots a man who looks liek his papaji and uns

after him…Ratan runs after the boy and finds it to be someone else…Ranvi hugs the man calling him papaji but it turns out to be some random guy…Veera asks the boy where he got her veerji’s clothes from and asks him to give them back…The boy says he found the clothes on some road and woe them as he didnt have any clothes…and says he didnt theif them…Veera insists on him returning the clothes as it has her veerji’s name on them and when he boy refuses, veera goes to bite him but Ratan stops her and asks the boy to go…she teels Veera that once they find Ranvi she’s more such clothes made for him…Veera starts crying for Ranvi and Nihal tries to pacify her and …Veera asks him ummeed ki hondi hai?…Ratan beautifully explains what ummeed is…and says Ranvi coming all the way to Amritsar to find his papaji is ummeed and says people spend their life waiting for someone and that is called ummeed. which indirectly givs Nihal the message of how desperately ratan is anticipating Sampooran’s return…

Ranvi then goes to a dhaba and while he’s getting some water he hears a little baby crying…The fathe rof baby moves away to attend a call from his boss and the baby cries incessantly…Ranvi tries to calm her down but she doesnt stop…he checks if she s hungry and wonders where th eparent sof the baby are…Just as he picks the baby to stop her crying, a lady comes and yells at Ranvi for picking the baby…she calls him a theif and theatens to call the police…Ranvi is surprised to see her react like that…

Precap: Veera and co. are at the same dhaba where ranvi was earlier…Veera spots her name engraved on one of the benches and calls Ratan to check…Ratan screams Ranvi’s name and tells Nihal that ranvi was here and he;s written Veera’s name on the bench…they ask the dhaba guy about Ranvi and he says the boy was here…..

Update Credit to: hinz

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