Savitri 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 25th March 2013 Written Update

The book opens when savitri’s tears falls on it and she starts reading . It says that whatever happening in her life is due to this name and book. 1000yrs back there was a place named saptarajya. There was only 1 language at saptarajya and that was language of love. Champanagar rajya maharaj jaisingh was the ruler of whole saptarajya.

-it shows maharaj jaisingh is moving to and fro in a room as his wife is in labour. A person comes and consoles him saying that daimaa has arrived and anytime soon he will be given good news.

There was another place named khangaldweep which was a land of bad spirit. The whole saparajya was fed of the bad deeds sone by khangaldweep people.

A rajservant came running to maharaj jaisingh and announces that rani gave birth to a girlchild and it seems like a goddess was born to become heir . The other man who stood with maharaj congratulated him and said that as per time in which the girl was born, she would be a brave and talentful ruler of saptarajya.

King orders for saptarajyotsav on happiness of the child’s birth. As time passes savitri grew up and its shown that she became master in shastravidya. Adolescent damayanti runs to her daimaa and hugs her. Its shown saviri running to mother superior and damyandi running to daimaa together. Flashback ends on daimaa’s face and its shown that daimaa and mother superior has got the same face.

Just then Satya reaches back home and saviti seeing him moves out of temple towards him. She feels like saying him all that she read in the book and she is about to say that the lady’s (the one who she saw at mandir) words comes to her head- don’t say abt this book to any1.

She stops abruptly and satya asks her that -whether was u about to say that u missed me more than i missed u, then let me say u that I missed u every second… and truth is that i remembered u around 4 hasaar pachatar baar…

And also adds that he is not a easily forgettable object…

Savitri smiles at his words..He folds his hand at waist for her to hold and she happily gets her hand in to his without touching her..both happily moves inside her( its a cute scene)

Both sat at bed on their respective sides and satya questions savita that what was she thinking about..Savitri replies kuch nahi…to which he asks whether is she thinking about how long they will live like this separated without even touching each other.,Savitri gave a confused look while he continues with a smile that its said like dooriyan kitni zyada hoti hain paas ane ki chahat utni bhad jaati hain..vaise bhi zindagi thodi khatam hogi…

Savitri all of a sudden takes her hand to his mouth stopping his further words.

She asks him not to say so and adds that nothing will happen to him.

Outside kulika tries to enter the temple and take the book iut the moment she was about to keep her legs at temple premises it formed a fire line and she backs off quickly..

Satya assures that nothing will happen to him and says that he need to say something.

Savitri takes away her tensed face and waits for him to continue…

Kulika here tries to take the book with her hand but fire hits her hand as soon as it went inside temple premises.

Satya says not to say this to any one…I love You.

Savitri who expected something important makes a silly look and is about to turn her face that he says again…seriously he need to say something..she again listens to him in concentration and he says that ..I can’t live withoutyou…

Savitri was now a bit disappointed that he says again that now he will say a very important thing…Savitri listens and he announces that his friends arranged a party for satya and savitri the next evening.

Outside kulika says looking devi’s idle .that the the secret of where her brother’s bodyparts is hidden is mentioned in that book and she will not give up without knowing that. She moves out and looking at sky she asks Bramarakshas to give her power so as to take his kul forward..

Savitri says to satya that she gets nervous on seeing crowd.

Satya says playfully that then its more good as she looks more beautiful on getting nervous and adds that she need to get nervous on his presence ..He compels her to come along and once she nods he retires back to bed saying that b4 she changes her decision its better to sleep.

Savitri smiles at satya and says that she will be back after changing..

But somewhere in her mind she is feeling bad on hiding things from satya and finally decides to speak off;

Taking off her necklace She called satya and he nods in hearing…

She continues …U were asking about that book ri8..actually its a mayavi book which says the story of Princess Damyanti ..You know her face is just like me ..
She was about to continue further thats she notices him sleeping…
She continues that damyanti’s daimaa is similar to mother superior.

Some light from sky comes to Kulika’s forehead and she happily turned to face the book..Through the power of eyes she turns the pages and finally she captures that page in her eyes which says abt the place where rahukaal’s head was hidden. ..Kulika announces happily that she got to know what she wanted to and that her first mission is to bring her brother’s head back to life.

At room savitri moves to window and asks herself…How can this happen.? How is the face of that princess mine? Whats my connection to that story?. Was it me? Is it my rebirth?

Episode ends on savitri’s confused looj…

Precap: savitri comes to resume reading and sees that its not the page where she stopped reading the previous ni8…and then the book closes itself.
There kulika is showing to rahukaal the place where his head is hidden. She says that she will bring both satya-savitri to that place.
Savi-satya dancing at party and savitri abt to fall and satya almost holds her( I think he will hold her)

Update Credit to: snowdream

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