Veera 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone happy that they are getting sponsorship for Sampooran’s dream and thank the Lord. Veera talks his pic and shares her happiness. Veera says we have gone ahead one more step towards our destination. She is about to say Nihaal’s name and stops. She says Neel contributed a lot. Ranvi says yes, he is more than an angel to us, I want to talk to him and thank him for teaching you new techniques. Veera says he is very busy and can’t talk. Ranvi says I won’t take much time, tell him please. Veera says fine, I will try. Ratan tells Sampooran that he will see his dream come true soon.

Baldev waits for Veera. He says will it rain now, come fast Veera. Veera comes on her bike. They smile seeing each other. She tells him the good news and she is very happy. He says really? And hugs him. He sees people looking at them and moves far. He says lets go out for this good news. She asks where is he taking her. He says it’s a surprise, come on my bike. They leave. Gunjan is cooking and says I will go beauty parlour and buy cosmetics. Chai ji hears this and smiles.

Chaiji asks is the food ready. Gunjan says yes. Chaiji asks her to make pakodas. Gunjan is stunned as she was hurrying. Chaiji pulls her leg. Gunjan says fine, I will make it. Chaiji says make some jalebis too, also tea. Gunjan says fine, I will make it. Chaiji says leave it, as you look upset. Gunjan says no. Chaiji says go to beauty parlour after this work, make your beautiful face more beautiful. She says I was joking. Gunjan laughs. It starts raining and Baldev and Veera stand under the shade. She smiles. He says everything spoiled, the surprise is ruined, the rain is not stopping.

She asks where was he taking her from highway. He says it was special place. She asks what was special there which is not here, see its so beautiful here. He says see, full cow dung here and sweet smell of it. She says I m saying its better to make the place beautiful where we are now. He looks around and smiles. He says yes, you are right. He says come here and be here till I say. He says close your eyes. She asks why. He says close it. She closes her eyes.

Music plays…………. She asks shall I open my eyes Baldev. He says no, two mins and keeps some boxes infront of her. He lights the lamp there and keeps it on a drum. She asks is it over. He says no, stand for some more time. He makes a heart wit rose petals and arranges a romantic date there. He sits on his knees and holds a kulfi to propose her. He says now open your eyes. She sees him sitting in the flowers heart and looks at the arrangements. She smiles. He says you wanted something unique, what I thought did not happen, so this is it, since you came in my life, everything is beautiful, I feel like fighting with you, and then make you smile with love, I always want you with me.

He says I don’t know love and not even now, but this is strange feeling in my heart, if that’s love, then I accept everything, I love you Veera. They smile. He says now yes say quickly else this kulfi will melt. Veera says yes Baldev. He says yes yes yes. She nods yes. He dances and says she said it again. He says I want to eat this kulfi, I will bring other one for you. She says no, this is proposal kulfi, I will have it. She eats it and says you impressed me, how did you get this idea of candle light. He says I know it, I did the arrangements in hotel, we had to reach there on time and I got kulfi and roses to propose you, but rain ruined everything, I could not do what I thought.

She says this is perfect and memorable. She asks did you hide ring in kulfi? He says ring? She gets it in her mouth and gives him. He says what ring come in kulfi, I will use this idea next time when I propose any girl. She says what and runs after him to bear him. They throw water on each other and fight. Music plays………….. he holds her closer and they have an eyelock. Happy shappy wala love…………..plays………….. Baldev hugs her and they smile.

Veera comes home all drenched and Chaiji asks her why did she not take umbrella. She says you will get ill and makes her sit. She dries her hair and asks when will you grow up. Veera smiles thinking about Baldev. Gunjan sees her lost in thoughts and smiling. Chaiji says I will bring hot tea for you, sit here, don’t go out now. Gunjan leaves. Veera thinks I m grown up and in love now. Yaara ve……………plays…………..

Baldev gives flowers to Veera and praises her as Pataka. She smiles. Gunjan hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  10. baldev and veera….sweet romantic couples…..

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