Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajesh and Sumitra auctioning Baburaam and his family’s things. Rajesh shows one baby mattresses and asks the people to bid. One man says 20 Rs. Sumitra sells it for 20 Rs. Gini gets teary eyed. Rajesh then shows the toy. Lata and Baburaam comes and asks what is happening? Sumitra says, we are selling the beggars’ things to beggars. Lata asks her not to sell her things. Sumitra says, your new life has started since you became my servant. She then shows the children’s clothes and is about to sell it for Rs. 10. Raghu comes and snatches the sweater from her hand.

Everyone is happy to see Raghu and Shivani back home. Lata hugs her and cries. Raghu is surprised and asks what is happening here. He looks at his family wearing chef’s gown and asks what is happening. Lata says, everything is fine. Lata asks Shivani about her. Shivani says I am fine. Sumitra smiles. Shivani asks, what is happening. Lata says, nothing. Raghu says, he wants to know what is happening? Lata asks them to come inside. Raghu insists to know the truth and asks why our childhood things are getting sold. Sumitra says, they didn’t give you the good news and tells him that she throw his family out of the house. They are her servants now.

Shivani asks them to say what happened. Sumitra says, baburaam named his property on my name. Raghu asks him. Sumitra says, everything belongs to her and it is her wish to sell or throw it. She asks Rajesh to give the remaining things to the beggars. Raghu sees Sumitra niwas written on the name plate. He questions Vivek. Vivek tells her about Sumitra’s plan. He tells him that Rajesh was Sumitra’s old friend. Sumitra then took Baburaam’s sign on the property papers on the pretext of loan and tells everything. Baburaam blames himself. Maya says, she took our jewellery also. Then asked us to become her servants. Bella tells her that Lata’s leg got burnt because of Sumitra. Raghu asks, what is all this.

Lata says, we didn’t tell you as you was worried about babyji’s illness. We couldn’t trouble you. She says, I am happy that you fulfilled the promise made to Maliksaa. Babyji is fine now. Shivani says,you all have bear so much. As I have came back. I will face all the troubles come your way. Raghu says, he won’t leave Sumitra and says she have to answer him. Vivek says, she is very clever. Raghu says, he can’t see his family’s condition. He wants to take their house now itself. He goes to the police station and brings the Inspector home. He tells him to arrest Sumitra as she has occupied his home.

Baburaam says, you betrayed us. Sumitra acts innocent and says Baburaam named the house on my name. Bella asks, why he will name his property on your name. Sumitra says, he is very kindhearted. Rajesh says, they are lying. Inspector asks for the proofs and says he can’t arrest them. Sumitra says, she wants to file the complaint against Raghu. She says, he married being already married. Raghu says, we were not married. You tried to help me. It was just an act.

Sumitra asks him to proof it in court. Lata requests her not to trouble Raghu. Sumitra says, she can’t trouble her and says she will think about it. She tells the Inspector that she needs time to think about it. Inspector leaves. Sumitra taunts them. Raghu says, he will take their home from her at any cost. Sumitra says, you haven’t seen my real face yet and asks him to mind his language. She says, I will take your rest today and declares that she will return his home to his family tonight and says she has a condition but. Rajesh intervenes. Sumitra asks him to shut up. She tells Raghu to get ready for the test. Everyone is shocked and tensed.

Sumitra shows the house papers and says she will return the papers if Raghu marries her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. what a b*t*h that Sumitra is

    1. Why the surprise. She always was and will not change. She want Raghu at any cost but you cannot have what is not and never will be yours

  2. Forced ending..!!
    I will block zee tv after the show ends..-_-

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