Veera 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anmol saying he will win today. Dev comes and says you have fake hope, you will be disqualified Anmol. Ranvi says no, give him a chance, I want to win by my talent, not my disqualifying him, I have to see how he wins based on votes. Dev says fine, if you want this, I will see you on stage. Ranvi says its last hurdle in our war, lets see who wins and whose talent is big. Anmol says you did big mistake, I lost many times, but not today, I will win this competition. They come on the stage. Dev says its time for results now. He says we will seeing the votes on this screen, lets see Anmol’s votes first. Anmol gets 82 lakhs votes. Dev says it’s the highest votes till now.

Ranvi looks on waiting for his votes. Dev says Ranvi’s fans, lets see did Ranvi cross this number or not. Ranvi’s votes are to be shown. Everyone pray for Ranvi and is tensed. Ranvi gets 95 lakh votes and wins. Everyone smile and is very happy for Ranvi. They clap for him. Ranvi smiles. Anmol is shocked and angry. Dev declares Ranvi as the winner. Ratan hugs Veera and Gunjan. Dev brings the trophy. Ranvi thanks everyone. Everyone call out Ranvi’s name. Ranvi says Anmol, if you want to win, win by your voice. Anmol starts leaving. Rishabh goes to stop him. He says where are you going, see who came to meet you.

He asks the inspector to arrest Anmol. Anmol gets arrested. Dev gives the trophy to Ranvi. Ranvi takes it and smiles. Everyone in Pind clap for Ranvi, and is proud of him. Dev asks Ranvi to say few words. Ranvi says he wants to take the person’s name who is behind his success. He says its Megha. Gunjan hugs Megha. Ranvi says she supported me a lot, I won today because of her, I will always be indebted to you, thanks a lot Megha ji. He then tells about the little angel in his life, Veera. Veera cries happy. Ranvi says I m here because of her, she taught me to dream and also to fulfill. O rabba ve……………….plays……………….

He calls Veera on stage. Rabba…………….plays………….. Gunjan asks Veera to go. She runs to Ranvi and hugs him. Ranvi gives the trophy to her. Everyone clap for them. Ratan hugs Gunjan. Its morning, Chaiji shows Ranvi’s pic in paper to Sampooran. She says he came first, see the prize, he is looking so good. He says Ranvi and Veera are each other’s strength and life. She misses Sampooran on this day and cries. She says I forgot to distribute sweets in Pind as Ranvi won.

Ratan and Veera read good things about Ranvi in newspapers and smile. Ranvi comes to Ratan and she makes him have the food. He says his life is driven by her hand made Parathas, now he will get energy. Baldev comes to Veera. He stops her and says I need to talk. She says later. He says no, right now. He says when will you tell Ranvi about us. She says later and leaves. Baldev gets sad. Baldev joins Veera and Ranvi.

Gunjan shows the schedule of Ranvi, which she made. She says you need to take the cheque and then go in inauguration. Veer says great, you are speaking well. Ranvi says he won’t do all this. Baldev asks Veera why does she not want to tell Ranvi. Veera says he is so happy, let him enjoy, I will tell him when the time comes. The media comes to take Ranvi’s interview and he refuses. They say but you called us. Gunjan says she called them, and he has to give interview for promotion. Veera says yes, give the interview.

Chai ji and Bansuri give sweets to everyone. Everyone say congrats to Chai ji. Bansuri says my son in law win, take sweets from me. Chai ji says take sweets from elders. Bansuri and Chai ji argue. Balwant asks Bansuri to leave and give sweets to others. Ranvi and Gunjan pose for the pic. Ranvi asks Ratan and Veera to come. He gives credit to Veera and hugs her. He says he sung the Lori for her in semi final, she is my life. He tells about the childhood. Baldev gets angry and leaves. Veer says she saved Ranvi as she got help from…….. She sees Baldev gone and worries. Ranvi gives the autograph.

Bansuri talks to the pind ladies and says you will need appointment to meet Gunjan. They ask about Baldev’s marriage. Bansuri says she wants to choose a good girl. They tell her about Baldev chosen a girl. Bansuri asks who is she. They say everyone knows its Veera. Bansuri is shocked.

Ratan asks Ranvi when will he come back to Pind. She says everyone want to welcome you and give a grand function. Veera says yes, I m so excited. Ranvi says when ever you say Biji. Gunjan says Ranvi, you can’t go back to Pind. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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