Veera 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera calling Baldev and telling her plan. He says what, are you serious, will you be able to do this. She says I thought this since many days, if I can’t do now, then I can’t do ever, but are you afraid. He says no, you know I m not afraid of anyone’s dad, I m with you, I will do as you say, we will see whatever happens. They smile. Gunjan comes to meet her friends and shows the money. She says she is rockstar Ranvi’s wife and she has much money. They ask her to free her bangles first. Gunjan says later, first I will play and win more money. I will do more shopping by winning money. They say it may happen that you will more. Gunjan gets overconfident and plays.

Baldev calls Veera and says he got everything she said. He says garlands and all marriage items, he spoke to pandit. She asks about bride and groom clothes. He says he bought it. She says if anyone know about this marriage, you know what will happen. He asks her to come on time. Ratan hears her and is shocked. Veera sees Ratan hearing her and does not react. Gulati follows Baldev. Rajveer says no vehicle will go without check. Gulati comes to him and says Baldev is preparing for marriage in evening, he bought clothes and got mangalsutra too. Rajveer gets angry and says this can’t happen, he can’t do this.

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Ratan asks Veera what was she saying, she heard it. Veera says nothing. Ratan says you were talking about marriage. Veera says it was about my sister’s marriage, I was helping her in shopping list. Ratan asks is she saying the truth, can she trust her, will she break her trust. Veera says no, Biji you can trust me, I won’t do anything that will hurt you. She goes. Gunjan wins and says she will go. The girl stops her and asks her to play more. Gunjan agrees.

Baldev comes home and stops the jeep. Rajveer follows him and says he went home now, Gulati said he spoke in temple for marriage, it means I have time. He calls Ranvi and can’t connect. He says he has gone to Delhi for show, so they made this plan that Ranvi is nit here. He gets a call that SP came in police station and asking for him. Gunjan starts losing now. Nihaal asks Ratan why did they call them. Chaiji asks what happened. Ratan says Veera is preparing for marriage, I heard her talking on phone and she said she is talking to her friend, I felt she is talking to Baldev. Nihaal says Veera can’t lie.

Chai ji says when we limit kids, they start lying. She says Veera and Baldev are adults and can do anything, if Ranvi stops them, will they agree. Ratan says Veera is not agreeing now, if they really marry… Nihaal says Veera won’t do this, trust your upbringing, she can’t do anything that hurts her family. She says when I told her Ranvi asked her not to meet Baldev, she did not say anything. Nihaal says I will talk to her, tell me where is she. Chai ji says no, she will be alert if she is lying, if she is saying truth, she will feel we don’t trust her.

She says we have time, we will do anything. Ratan prays that Veera does not take wrong step. Gunjan takes risk by playing of more money. They laughs on the girl saying her husband will kick her out as she lost 1 lakh. The girl wins and Gunjan loses. She says how did I lose. She gets tensed and starts crying. Ratan says why did Veera not come of room since long and knocks the door. She calls out Veera and goes in. She sees Veera is not in her room and gone by the window.

She gets a letter saying the wedding time is of 3pm, reach on time, the letter is by Baldev….. Ratan says what did Veera do and worries. She calls Ranvi and cries. She asks where is he. He says he is on the way for recording. She asks him to come soon. He asks what happened, is everything fine. She says Veera….. and tells everything. He says I m coming back now Biji and gets angry. Veera and Baldev pray in the temple and hold hands. Baldev says the marriage will be done in one hour and your Biji. She says she might read your letter and will come in anger. He says its happening as you wanted. She says this was not possible without you.

He says I want this, if your work happens without me, you won’t need me. Ratan and everyone come to Baldev’s house. Bansuri blames Veera for all this. Balwant says Baldev is useless. He says its not time to argue, lets go to temple. Nihaal says yes, we are also going there, lets go. Bansuri cries saying Veera took away my son. Balwant says I m going, you be here and cry. Amrit and Simran are worried. Amrit asks Bansuri not to cry, you go and stop the marriage, else Balwant will bless them and get them here, lets go there. Bansuri says yes and asks them to come.

Simran gets sad and says will Raj marry anyone else than Simran. Amrit says your mind does not work without wine, come and stop Baldev from marrying Veera. Veera and Baldev hold garlands and smile. Ratan, Nihaal, Chaiji and Gunjan come there. They are shocked seeing them near the mandap. Ratan says Veera………….. Baldev signs Veera and she smiles. Balwant and Bansuri come there too. Bansuri asks whats happening here, how did you two think this. Ranvi reaches there. Rajveer says its good you came, come soon. Veera says its good you all came, your blessings are needed.

Ranvi and Rajveer see them. Veera says its not like you all are thinking. Ratan asks what do you mean, marriage is happening here right. Veera says yes, but not ours. Everyone is puzzled. Veera holds Ratan’s hand and says you all came here for my Biji and Nihaal Chachu’s marriage. Everyone is shocked. Chai ji smiles. Ranvi is stunned. Veera joins Ratan and Nihaal’s hands. Veera smiles and looks at Ranvi, who is left with open mouth.

Ranvi scolds Veera for joking like this. Veera explains that Ratan gave away her life to us, she deserves happiness. He says you have made me small, are we such children who give our mum’s responsibility to someone else. Ratan cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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