Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
Raj compliments the breakfast, while he is told by his Jijaji, that madhurio prepared it. raj gets tensed. Jijaji goes inside to call the others, while madhuri comes stoically to serve them.
Madhuri begins to leave, but raj stops her, and then turns her around to face her. He takes her hand and makes her slap him, one for making the mistake, and for leaving the house, and asks her to take her anger out but not be qwuiet. she finally breaks down, saying that he is her life, and she cant stay angry at him. She says that all their lives got entangled badly. Raj asks her to place her faith in god, as god wouldnt let anything wrong happen to avni, and maybe everything is right already.

Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni is tensed, as arpita while dressing her up, tells her about her would be groom, and asks her to cheer up, while she is tensed thinking that she is already married to raj. arpita asks her to say yes. Avni thinks that she cant say yes, and wonders how to let go of this from the family. she tries to talk to him, but arpita asks her to relax instead. She takes her phone and goes out. meanwhile, raj calls up avni, but its on silent, and arpita doesnt notice it. rasj wonders why isnt avni picking up the phone.

Downstairs, Raj meets vikram, and juist then virat walks in. Raj rushes and hugs virat, while he is then relieved that this means raj doesnt know his secret. As raj and vikram get busy, he decides to call at avni’s residence, to find out about avni. Akshat picks up. Virat disguises his voice and asks about avni. He says that avni is busy as she is getting engaged. virat is boggled. Akshat cancels the phone when he doesnt hear anything else. virat wonders whats happening.

Avni is dressed, when arpita asks her to come down with her. she wants to be excused for two minutes. arpita complies, while leaving the phone. She finds raj’s missed calls and instantly calls up raj, and tells about the roka. Raj is tensed wondering what shall they do now. avni too says that she doesnt know what to do. She says that she loves him and is determined to solve this. Avni tensedly tells raj on the phone, that she cant put up this charade any longer and that today she shall tell everyomne about her marriage, by showing them the pious vermillion on her head. raj is tensed as she cancels the call.

Downstairs, all compliment avni for the work that she is doing. Meanwhile suket attends to the guests and asks if the rituals can begin. they comply. As the ritual is about to begin by exchange of gifts, avni stops them, adding that she wants to say something to them, about a truth of her life. Arpita clarifies that they know about her past. Avni says that she is about to spill her prsent, and whatever happened all these days, and then without further saying anything, she decides to show it. all are boggled, as she reaches out to separate the streaks of hair on her forehead, so that they can see the vermillion. Before she can do so, anjali and madhuri’s husband arrive, and akshat asks what are they doing here. madhuri’s husband asks why are they maligning and continuing to insult them. they get into a heated verbal arguement. Suket asks them to remember what raj did. Madhuri’s husband and akshat get heated. Anjali says that if she opens her mouth, all truth shall be revealed. bhawna is tensed. Avni asks them to stop it. The prospective in-laws say that broken marriage is acceptable, but such ramifications arent. they leave. All are tensed. akshat asks them to step out, while they warn him never to malign them or their family again. They leave. bhawna is in tears. avni is tensed and apalled for her. she rushes to her, thinking that she would rectify everything. Avni calls raj to tell what happened. Avni tells raj, while he clarifies that it was his planted idea. they both think about how on their wedding night, they arent together, but still after having resolved their familial differneces, they shall be together forever.

The next morning, avni prays to the lord to bless her and raj and their raltion and help them in their mission. Arpita comes and asks the Lord to fulfill all of avni’s wishes. Arpita also prays for the werll ness and welfare of the family, and first of all, let this diwali be avni’s most special, and may she get all the happiness in the world. Arpita leaves to prepare breakfast. Avni thinks that it should have been her Rasoi ritual today and asks arpita to let her fo it instead. Arpita complies.
Avni gets to preparing food. She also packs a tiffin for raj’s family. When arpita asks her who is this tiffin for, she makes an excuse. She rushes out, and finds raj waiting for her in his car, asking why did she call him urgently. Avni gives the tiffin to Raj, having packed it, saying that she has prepared it for her in-laws, as its a very important ritual. raj is overwhelmed. He tries to get otu, but she asks him to stay put, lest he be seen, and says that their relation is her strength now, and soon they shall be overcome all the obstacles and be together. They wish each other for Diwali, and then Raj drives off.

Raj comes to his house, with the tiffin, excitedly showing the tiffin, unaware that Kandelwal is engraved on it. He serves them all, while they love it, making an excuse that this is the first joint. They are too excited, and vikram infact even wants to keep the cook in their house. Raj says that he too wants this. Virat too comes, and then after everyone disperses, raj and virat sit down for breakfast. virat asks about his travel, and raj gives excuses but doesnt mention umatgaon even once. He leaves, having finished. Virat is boggled thinking that raj met him as if nothing happened and he didnt even mention Umatgaon. Then his eyes fall on the tiffin and he is shocked. But he doesnt find the engraving, and wonders what to do next. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Avni tells raj on the phone, that they would have to meet today, as she wants to do the ritual of doing his arti, while he says that he doesnt need all that. But avni is insistent. Raj asks if she would be able to leave amidst the diwali furore. she says that she would manage anyhow. As avni picks her purse and is about to leave, when it falls and things fall on the floor, seeing which Suket is shocked. avni is scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

We recommend
  1. Not vry intrsring…jst fine

  2. Avni and raj should be bold to let out their minds and reveal their marriage. No family well lyk to c their siblings in distress. Virat’s secret shld lead him to jail.

  3. Virat the evil minon i don’t like his character why cant the show just have no evil

  4. writers please let them find out that virat had something to do with what happened the night at umagon so that avanis mom bavna could be cleared of all accusations and that raj and avani could live happily ever after.

  5. not so nice, when everyone will accept raj n avni marriage?.

  6. Why did they have to meet so fast raj and Avni just irritate me. We all know Avni is obsessed with raj. Everything little thing Avni calls raj for. She is a disgrace to her father. Raj wants her to go against Her family. Let them live together and end the film. Avni had to meet raj so fast Avni is such a disgrace she got married to him so fast. She is crazy over him. END THE FILM PLEASE.


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