Veera 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Veera astonished n became very much glad to see her braid was tied by her biji n lauded her saying she did it as like as her veerji..But Ratan gave her as usual expression n left that place saying to take breakfast..Moti Chaiji fondled her saying to take her breakfast but Veera’s eyes were on gate to see when will her veerji come!!

When Ratan was crossing corridor; she saw nani ji n requested her to come in her room..In room Ratan gave some jewelries to nani n said she got some of these from her hubby n some she made for veera for giving at the time of her weeding but now when she is leaving this house then nani should take these along with veera..Nani asked to Ratan that how could she do this all!! Ratan said to nani that she will never forget veera is her(nani) daughter’s daughter but simultaneously

she always keeps in mind veera is ranvi’s life..Nani took all jewelries n left the room.

Veera was waiting before main gate for Ranvi with tearful eyes as she is leaving home now n took bye from everyone.

Ranvi entered in home with tearful eyes..Nihal said him to eat almonds but he said he has no appetite..but nihal said that almonds will make sharp his brain then suddenly he saw from 2nd floor’s corridor;veera is calling him..Ranvi got astonishing n he asked about veera’s presence to nihal but he disagreed it to say veera already has left..moti chaiji n ratan came with a glass of milk to ranvi but he refused to drink it then before ranvi, veera said;” drink it, Veerji”
Ranvi again distracted n asked it to everyone but as usual everybody denied the presence of veera.. he said that veera has gone; it was happened only few minutes n he has started to miss her already then how will he stay without her for many years!!
Abruptly veera told that she is always with him.. ran toward to ranvi n hugged him..
In FB..
Nanaji said to veera with laughing that he is not taking her with him b/c a cheekiness gal as like as her he won’t handle ever..n nani asked pardon to Ratan for snatching this pure relationship which is made by God Himself.
This situation made ravishing environment amidst RanVeera n everyone.
Ranveera were asked for going school n veera got gift a toffee’s packet from nihal n got advise to distribute it among her classmates.

Ranveera were on road for going to guruduyar n then school.. On road ranvi gladly said his neighbor; veera didn’t leave this village n they congratulated him..On road, they met with their village chief..he got surprise to see veera..Ranvi said to him that his village council gave order to take away veera from him but he challenged to him that nobody could snatch veera from him n today he has triumphed..Village chief gladly blessed them..then ranvi asked forgiveness to him for his misbehave with him..he said that there is no necessary of it rather it will make their(ranveer) relation more strong always.

In Guruduyar..Ranvi thanked to God for bring back his veera to him..Veera thought that what has her veerji been praying before God since a long time!! Veera asked to ranvi about it n she complained that she doesn’t know what she considers about God..Ranvi said that she can consider God as anything..Then veera considered God as her friend n wanted a good father who will make happy both her biji n veerji.

Precap: Moti chaiji stood before the picture of Sampuran n expressed her wish about the marriage b/w Ratan n Nihal.

Update Credit to: nabiii

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