Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajji cleaning up Keerat’s wounds and telling him off for fighting with Amreek. Keerat says he will kill Amreek and that he can never forgive him for what he did. Rajji says she has already forgiven Amreek as whatever happened was her fault too. She says she never spoke to Amreek properly and always mistreated him. Rajji further tells him that whatever happened has now happened and she tells him not to worry about her as she is fine. Keerat tells her to stop lying and that he can see her pain unlike other (loved the way Keerat showed his affection for his sister here! I thought the guy never spoke!), Keerat then gets up and walks off saying that she can forgive Amreek if she wants but he will beat up Amreek every time he sees him. Nirvail and Sarabjit

get are watching from a distance and get upset at Keerat’s words.

Back at Soham’s house Buaji is having a tantrum and shouting why Rajji has still not returned. Simran says Rajji went with Soham and will return with him soon. Buaji says but Soham is not a girl that he has to do the cooking and all the household chores etc. Simran says Rajji will cook the food when she returns home and it won’t take a lot of time. Buaji tells Simran and what about the longer (the feast Rajji had prepared for people at the Gurudwara) and she has to take it to the Gurudwara. Simran goes off to get some cold drink to cool down Buaji.

At Bani’s house Rajji is leaving for her sasural and asks Bani that why hasn’t her car has not arrived yet to take her home? And Bani says she is staying for another few days. Binder tells Rajji to also stay but Rajji refuses. Rajji then meets the rest of the family (with a cute hug from big brother Keerat!). Jas thanks Soham for bringing Rajji and says he is the best Jeeju in the world while Soham gives an awkward look to Desho (Desho looks like she’s been starving for days!). Rajji meets Nirvail and Beeji and totally ignores Desho even though Desho nods her head towards her indicating to Rajji to meet her. Sohji then leave.

In the evening Bani trying to help with the house chores but Binder stops her saying after marriage daughters don’t do any work at their mayka and only rest. Desho then asks Bani the deadly question, asking if Parmeet calls her often because last time she came he phoned her a lot. Bani gets shocked by the question and looks at everyone and says yes he calls. Bani then looks at her phone and lies that Parmeet had missed called her and leaves from there. Bani goes to her room and thinks she can’t tell everyone about Parmeet as everyone is worried about Rajji and Jas’ rishta. Bani then calls Manpreet who is happy that Bani called. Bani asks her if she can come home now. And Manpreet lets her off by saying she wants her to stay there for a few more days and Bani agrees. Manpreet cuts the call and starts crying. Jas comes into Bani’s room and as soon as Bani saw her she pretended she was on the phone to Parmeet. Jas says she wants to speak to Parmeet and Bani acts that the phone got cut off and tells Jas to talk to him later as there’s a network problem at the moment.

At Soham’s house Rajji arrives home and Buaji taunts her about coming home late and tells her she should have stayed there as she has to go back now as she failed the test. Angad says but how did Rajji fail when she cooked the food you told her to. Buaji says just by cooking you don’t become a good daughter in law she needs to listen to her mother in law too. Buaji asks Rajji why she went to her mayka when she told her not to go. Rajji tries to say something but Buaji shuts her up. Buaji says she has failed as she went to her mayka without asking anyone. Suddenly Soham arrives and says he took Rajji himself. Buaji is shocked to hear Soham’s voice and turns around. Soham says he took Rajji and didn’t anyone tell Buaji. Buaji says she knows he took her but without her permission. Soham says Rajji went with her husband permission (killer line!). Everyone is shocked to hear Soham say this. Soham walks up to Rajji and says she did what her husband told her to do and so she didn’t do anything wrong and tells Buaji to not blame Rajji. Buaji looks like she’s going to explode while Rajji looks thankfully to Soham. Soham tells Rajji to go to her room and also goes to his room. Buaji explodes and screams that Soham took his wife’s side and disrespecting his Buaji. Angad tries to explain Soham was not taking sides but was telling the truth. Angad says we should be happy that Soham called Rajji his wife today which means that Rajji is becoming a good daughter in law and good wife.

Back at Bani’s house Nirmal (the rishta lady) calls and tells Sarabjit that Jas’ rishta has been fixed as the guys side said yes. All get happy. Nirmal says the guys side wants the taaka/engagement to be tomorrow and Sarabjit asks Beeji and all agree that the taaka/engagement ceremony should be tomorrow. Desho looks ecstatic. As soon as Sarabjit cuts the call everyone starts congratulating and hugging each other ignoring Desho who is watching from the kitchen and has tears of happiness in her eyes.

At Parmeet’s house Bani calls Manpreet and tells her about the taaks/engagement ceremony and asks if Parmeet called. Manpreet gets teary and says no he didn’t and Bani tells Manpreet to bring the whole family to come to the ceremony tomorrow. Manpreet says she will try and starts crying so cuts the call. Later in the evening Manpreet is sitting in the hall and Gagan and Surjeet arrive there. Manpreet tells them about Jas’ engagement being tomorrow and Gagan asks if they will go? Manpreet says Daarji will not go and won’t let any of us to go as well. Gagan asks why. Manpreet says because Daarji does not consider Bani as his daughter in law not so obviously he won’t want to keep any relations with Bani’s family. Gagan looks confused. Manpreet says this is all because of Parmeet. She says I don’t know why the men of this house never understand women’s emotions. She says Parmeet has repeated the same mistake that 20 years ago the son of this house did. She says Daarji never understood Rano’s pain then and will not understand Bani’s pain now. Manpreet says just because of Daarji’s one wrong decision Bani is now on the same path as Rano. She continues saying after marriage a woman’s rightful place is her sasural and her husband’s company. Manpreet then says it has been 20 years, 6 months and 17 years since that incident, God knows where Rano is and how she is. Manpreet says that when a bride steps into her new sasural and step into the house so many celebrations happen and then they are not even allowed to enter that same house ever again. Episode ends on Rano standing outside the gates of Parmeet’s house.

Precap: Rano is standing in front of a massive wall with the longest tally I have ever seen and she puts another park on the wall saying it has now been 20 years, 6 months and 17 days since I have been waiting outside your house Balbirji and I know that one day you will come and take me into this house once again holding my hand.

Update Credit to: princess

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