Veera 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Ranvi in amritsar

ratan, veera and nihal are looking for ranvi
Ranvi on the other hand is running after the bike/car
He falls and hurt his knee
His money and clothes all gone and is worried
He calls out to ratan
Ratan who turns around, feels weird and worried
Nihal and veera tells her to be patient and veera says he will be fine
Nihal tells her to eat but she refuses and says if ranvi has ate or not

Ranvi is running upto people asking for help and showing sampoorans pic
Noone helps him
He sits down near the truck!
A man comes and says that ur calling rab but ur in amritsar so why dont u go to golden temple and ask help
Ranvi asks where
The guys says go to temple and do ardaas

Precap: the same guy tells his worker to take ranvi to temple

Update Credit to: -JungleeBilli-

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