Uttaran 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 22nd March 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins with Meethi trying to cut the mango but it keeps twisting and she is unable to cut it. Maiyya holds her hands now. Kajri is worried to watch it. Meethi cuts the first one successfully (though she isn’t happy with the way Maiyya is doing it) and while cutting the onion, she gets hurt in her finger. She screams in pain….blood is coming out of her finger and Kajri tries to soothe her pain.

Maiyya asks Pavitra to get turmeric paste for Meethi. Pavitra first dips her hands in chilli powder and then takes some turmeric paste. She applies it on Meethi’s finger who shouts back in pain…chillies. She runs from there while Maiyya asks her to stay back and that it is turmeric only.
As she leaves, Pavitra happily shows her hands to everyone and says…chillies! Maiyya comments that the city girls cant bear even a single cut. If they get hurt even a little, they shed tears equivalent to rivers.
Then she asks Kajri to concentrate on her work…who complies. she tells Gomti that it is a tradition….she will have to learn to work hard.

The doctor has summoned Jogi Thakur in his cabin. Seeing the doctor hesitating, he tells him to share whatever he wants to he has enough willpower.
The doctor says that he doesn’t want to keep him in dark. But in reality, her condition is still very critical. She has very rare chances of survival. Jogi gets tears in his eyes thinking of his words. He says but she did gain consciousness.
The doctor replies that is why I allowed you all to meet her one by one…..before something happens to her. He is crying now. What should they do now? Please save my daughter…what will happen to my daughter now doctor? The doctor assures her that they have done all what medical science is capable of. Jogi repeatedly begs him to save his daughter.

Meethi is crying in her room. She has flashback of when Anni had made her favorite food for her. She calls out…I miss you and cries. Akash enters their room now.
Akash asks Meethi why she is crying. She is going hysterical as she wants to go back home right now itself…she is missing everyone. When Akash asks the reason why not after some days. She replies that everything here is so odd and scary. I don’t want to stay here…let’s go righ now. Maiyya who was witnessing all this tells Vishnu (aka Akash) to let her go…there is no need for any explanation. Meethi stops in her tracks and Akash goes mum.

She starts her drama. The new bride isn’t happy here….you take her back to her home.
Meethi tries to clarify that she dint mean to hurt her. She is just missing everyone. Maiyya says you are having so many problems in staying here with us. We are villagers and illiterate too. Son, this place isn’t meant for her. Take her back. I had thought that when my Vishnu’s wife will come here, I will shower all my love on her and will also teach her all the traditions.
Akash glances at Meethi while Maiyya continues….I had forgotten that people from cities feel suffocated here. We gave you so many trouble…you had to take water form well, had to cut onion and what not. You go from here…I had forgotten that you city people wont feel happy here in the village. You are from a big family…you should go back.
Meethi apologizes for her mistake and says that she dint mean it that way. You all are after all her family only. Actually, I was missing my ma, papa, anni and everyone that’s why I said so. I dint mean to hurt you…please forgive me.
Maiyya smiles and says…I will give you mother’s love. You have increased my son’s life & happiness that is why I was teaching you everything on my own.
Meethi again asks for forgiveness….she was getting emotional.
Akash was silently observing everything and smiles at Meethi.
He tells her that he dint knew all this. We will return home today only. Meethi says no, they have stayed for so many days…she can stay back for 2-4 more days.
He hugs her while she is silently crying in his arms.
Akash thinks and laughs in off….2-4 days?? You wont be going back ever now. The pains and tears that you have given my mother you will have to pay for it. forget about going back.


Iccha & Veer in their room. Veer leaves to take care of Baba after telling her to take care of her health.
Mai enters now and taunts Iccha…is that Tapasya still alive or..? she has sinned so much…would she get liberated so soon?
Iccha gasps in horror. How can she say something like this? That girl married Tej Singh only to reunite me & Veer. She saved all of us. She even revealed how he had murdered daddaji for his property. And here you are praying for her death?
Mai bitterly says….yes, I cant forget that she only had ruined my son’s life and had killed my other son. But you can as you are overtly great.

Iccha says if that is the case, then you too are in the same league. You created so mnay problems in my life. I had to stay away from my family for 18 years…because of you. You created distance between Yuvi & me. Veer had lost his memory for 18 whole years because of you only. But I still forgave you Mai. I never thought ill of you. She folds her hands and tells her to forgive Tappu. And you too know that we dint create rift with someone who is standing on the door of death.
Mai taunts that she is speaking a lot now-a-days.
Veer comes asking for medicines when he spots Mai in their room. Iccha quickly wipes her tears.
Mai quickly changes her tone. She says she just came to call them for dinner…freshen up and come, I will serve. She leaves.

Veer again tells Iccha to rest as she hasn’t slept since Tappu is in hospital. Iccha assures him that she is fine but he keeps repeating the same.
Phone rings and Ammo informs Iccha about Tappu gaining consciousness. Iccha becomes elated to hear it & shares the news with Veer. She is about to faint when Veer catches her in time and makes her sit. He says that now she must rest and as everyone is there already, they too will go in sometime. She nods.

Akash blindfolds Meethi saying…he dint give her any surprise since they have come here.
She is excited and overjoyed when she sees the room all decorated with candles, flowers and a swing.
Both share romantic moments together while Chupke se is playing in the background.

Akash gets up from the bed without disturbing Meethi. She turns in bed and sees the phone blinking. She wonders about it and becomes excited thinking that maybe network is coming after all. She goes in the corridor and down in the aangan finally to check the network.
Someone enters the house and his outstretched hand is shown. He puts his hand on Meethi and she turns in shock. He warns her that her life is in danger here…she should leave from here asap.
It ends on Meethi’s shocked face.

Precap: Thakur tells Damini that he will take Tappu to each and every place where she had been in her childhood. Damini guesses that the doctor must have told him something regarding Tappu and asks him the same. He says nothing like that. But she points out that after looking at his face, Thakurayin will understand it all.

Update Credit to: pooja

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