Veera 21st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 21st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera asking Baldev to come with her to doctor, as it can help him a lot. He asks shall we go after breakfast. She hugs him and says she loves him a lot. Ratan calls Ranvi and Guynjan for breakfast and tries to end the bitterness in Ranvi’s heart. They talk alike and see each other. Ratan smiles. She asks them to have food. Chai ji says they are eating together after a long time. Ratan says time will make everything fine. Chai ji says your parathas are making the miracle. The doctor tells Veera that Baldev is fine, but he should go for a MRI. She asks why. He says we can know is his nerves have any damage. She asks is h hiding something.

He says I can say after the MRI and I m not taking any decision now, you can do this as careful measure. Gunjan takes out Ranvi’s clothes and smiles, packing the bag thinking she will be with Ranvi. She shows his suit and asks him to wear in CD release function and other one in dinner party. She shows her dress which she will wear. He says wear anything, I don’t care. They have an argument and she leaves. Baldev says nothing can make him away from her and they have a talk at home. He gets a call and says he will go. Veera says drop me at Biji’s home. He says come and they leave.

The men talk to Ratan about opening a higher secondary school and money is less always, there is land which they can use, it belongs to Balwant and Baldev Singh. They say they will not return the papers so easily. Ratan asks why are they saying so, its panchayat land and Balwant has always helped land. They say its Baldev’s, its on lease. She says don’t worry, Baldev will agree. They smile. Gunjan plays the radio and hears Ranvi’s song Bekhudhi……………Veera comes and looks on. Gunjan recalls their moments and shuts the radio. Veera asks the reason. Gunjan cries and says so what things happened, I m hurt by the memories, as I can’t see love in his eyes now. Veera says no. Gunjan says why am I not getting the love, I did everything but there is no affect on Ranvi.

Veera pacifies her and says even I felt Baldev does not love me, see everything is fine now. Baldev talks to some men and they say about building a mall on his land and this can make Pritampura modern. Baldev says yes, its good idea. They ask can he get the permission of Panchayat. Baldev says its our land and my mum in law is the sarpanch, don’t worry. Ranvi comes home and asks Veera when did she come. He talks to her and Gunjan looks on his annoyance.

Veera asks about Ratan. Ranvi says she went to panchayat. Ratan comes home and says she went to panchayat, they decided to make secondary school and they chose the land which was given to Balwant for agriculture, ask Baldev to deposit the papers. Veera says fine, he will be glad that the land which was idle since two years will be used for a good cause. Baldev tells Bansuri and Manjeet about the best use of the land, they will make the mall and it can be useful to many people, the Pind will change. Bansuri and Manjeet are happy. Bansuri says Balwant will be proud knowing it. He says his friend has sent the builder with plan.

Veera comes and asks what plan. Baldev tells about making mall on the land. She asks which land. He says we got from panchayat but its infertile and dad got land test, and it can’t yield anything, so I thought to make mall, how is my plan. She asks did he talk to panchayat. He says I will talk to Ratan, she won’t say no. She says she will say no, as today panchayat decided to make higher secondary school on that land. He is stunned. Bansuri and Manjeet support Baldev and argue with Veera pointing on Ratan.

Veera says try to understand Baldev, its not about my Biji, if there is school there, the kids will study. She says kids can’t pursue higher studies and have to go far, think about them. She says Ratan wants to return the papers, will you. Bansuri says don’t return Baldev. Ratan and Veera made fun of us and scolds Veera. Bansuri says let Balwant come, we will see the panchayat.

Manjeet tells Bansuri about education and mall, and says business is good option, and brainwashes him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. again will veeba argue on tis matter?

  2. I don’t want Veera and Baldave to argue. When will Ranvi forgive Gunjan?

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