Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 21st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha applying cream to Shlok. He asks is there any more left. She says yes, I did not notice I applied so much. She smiles and says she will get the food, and make him eat by her hand. She goes out and sees Poornima coming. She starts scolding Ballu for using all the cream and ending the tube. Poornima asks is this way to talk to him, and scolds her saying about Ballu’s pain. Astha leaves. Poornima says I wanted to say, I m sorry. Astha looks on amazed and checks her ears. She thinks this is not the old Poornima, how did she change and become sweet. Shlok says its fine, I have some work, I will go. He leaves.

Poornima says she misunderstood in knowing Ballu, if it was anyone else, he would have not left chance to talk to her, but he is concerned about work, now I know he is good man. Sojal talks to Anjali. Anjali tells about Kavita and they have same traditions of our house. Niranjan says its strange. Anjali says yes, she did not wear mangalsutra, she was hesitant. He says leave it, and she gives him the Prasad. He eats the Prasad and thinks for a while.

Ahilya sees Sapna and thinks. She does not let anyone sit beside Indrajeet. She asks Shontu to bring juice for everyone. Astha brings the food. Ahilya asks her to have food with them. Astha says no, I will eat later. Ahilya says Sapna, now you are part of our family. Pradeep signs Rashmi. Astha sits and Poornima looks at her. Indrajeet starts eqating the food and has all eyes on Sapna.

Poornima recalls Ballu and thinks his hand burnt because of me, don’t know how will he eat food now. Ahilya asks Sapna to have food. Astha thinks how can she eat here, as Shlok is in pain and might have not eating anything, I have to go to him. Poornima says she is not hungry and will eat in her room later. She takes her food plate and goes. Astha coughs and Indrajeet gives water. She takes other glass and drinks. She says I will just come and goes.

Shlok drinks water and turns to see Poornima. He says you here. She says Ballu, I got food for you. He asks whats the need, I will take myself. She says I know, your hand is burnt so.. He says its fine now. She asks him to have food. He says he will eat food, he can write it on paper if she wants. She says no, its fine and goes. He says what happened to her, I used to serve her and now she is serving me.

Astha sees Poornima and hides. Poornima goes. Astha comes to Shlok and asks him why did Poornima come, to sprinkle salt on burns. He says not just salt, but food. She asks him to check did she add poison, as she is after him to kick him out of house. He says he can smell burning jealousy from her. She says he is her husband and she is not jealous of anyone. She says I wilol make you eat food and sits. He looks at her and eats.

Jyoti switches on the lights and smiles seeing Sid as the chef. Sid says mum and Riya went to temple and I made Ananya sleep. He arranges the dinner. She asks is he not ashamed to do this. He says no, its not problem to arrange surprise for my lovely wife. He asks her to live the moments, as its their. He gives her a rose and she smiles. She thanks him and music plays……………. He makes her have the dinner and she unwell. He asks what happened, shall I take you to doctor. She says no, I feel acidity, I went for shopping. He asks sure. She says I will rest and will get fine. He asks her to go to room, he will get food there.

She says sorry for spoiling your surprise. He says its fine and takes her to room. Astha talks to Kalindi and Ahilya thinks what to do. She says nothing will happen if she just thinks, she has to do something to bring Indrajeet and Sapna close, how to make her realize that Indrajeet is right for her and will keep her happy, how to make this one sided love, mutual Indrajeet comes and says he is going Kolhapur tomorrow. She says Sapna will go with you. He says I don’t think she will come. She says why not, its work and you can spend time and talk, maybe she will understand you. He says but. She says don’t worry, I will talk to Sapna. He agrees and leaves.

Shontu asks kids to have chocolate milk and they refuse. Shlok asks why not. Mishti says its boring, we don’t like drinking milk. Shlok says fine, we will make it interesting and says it already has chocolate, the one who ends fine, they will get icecream. The kids compete and ask Ballu to participate. Shontu says he is smart. The kids drink the milk. Shlok coughs and Poornima cares for him. Shlok goes with kids. Poornima thinks why did she go to care for him and tab his back, is she in love with him, no no…

Renuka and Riya come home and Riya asks her not to have any tension, as she is marrying to apply US visa. Renuka says she will miss her a lot and says Jyoti is counting your days here. Riya says she might be working. Renuka says leave it, I know her. Sid asks why is she talking loudly, Jyoti is sleeping. Renuka gets irked. Sid says she is not well, think good about her, and Riya knows I m always with her. He goes. Renuka says he sings for his wife always.

Astha and Shlok talk on phone and says she spoke to Kalindi and came to know about Ankush’s marriage. He says now her time will get more divided and jokes on Ankush. She says I love… and someone knocks the door. She ends the call and goes to see. Its Ahilya, and she asks Sapna to go Kolhapur. She says Indrajeet told me, but I m unwell, so get ready to go. She leaves. Astha thinks to do anything and cancel this plan.

Astha and Shlok do the puja and put flowers. Kavita asks who is there and Indrajeet says he will see. Shlok and Astha hide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  7. This serial is so slow the acters are in one posion for at least 1 week the 1 season was better then this

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