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Veera 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera saying Rahul has come. Balwant asks him to come and sit in the mandap. Rahul refuses and says he will not marry Geet. They all get shocked. Manjeet and Dilawar smile. Rahul says he has decided finally. Baldev asks Rahul why will he not marry Geet. Rahul says why should I marry Geet, if she does not want to marry anyone. Baldev says what, she said yes. Rahul says she said yes to save Ranvi and Gunjan’s marriage, and asks him to clear Gunjan’s doubt.

Gunjan gets angry and scolds Geet for snatching Ranvi. Rahul defends Gunjan and says Geet was marrying Gunjan’s happiness. He says he will leave and Baldev stops him. Veera asks Rahul to leave and they will see the matter. Rahul looks at Geet crying and gets sad. He leaves. Baldev gets angry. Balwant asks everyone to go

to their houses and apologizes. The guests leave.

Gunjan claps and asks Baldev why did he stop if Veera stopped him. She says you have allowed Rahul to leave, what did Geet say to him, that she is marrying for Ranvi’s happiness. She scolds Geet and says everyone said I m jealous, tell me Geet. Ranvi asks Geet to stop it, Geet did this to save our marriage. Gunjan asks him to favor Geet, this was Geet’s plan. Gunjan and Bansuri scold Veera. Balwant stops them and promises Geet that no one will talk to her of second marriage, till she wants. Gunjan gets shocked and angry.

She says Geet is ruining my home and you are blessing her. She says Ranvi has left supporting me, and you too. She says my brother has shown what he can do for me, and scolds him for not supporting her. She says Geet I tried to behave well with you, but you have shown your true colors, tell me, what you wanted, to marry here with Ranvi and raises hand. Ranvi stops her and asks will she slap Geet? Did she go mad?

Baldev says so you have shown your true colors Ranvi. Veera asks Baldev to explain Gunjan. He says he will not hear anything against Gunjan. She scolds Geet for staying here and spoiling Ranvi’s life. Ranvi asks if Geet does not wish to marry, is she characterless, everyone is thinking about their selfish motives, just Balwant thought for her, is this marriage or any Agnipariksha. Gunjan says great, so you have love for her. Ranvi says forgive me, I m fed up explaining I m innocent, you think anything, I can’t help, you have insulted me and Geet.

Baldev says you see Geet’s pain, not Gunjan’s. Veera says its not Ranvi’s mistake. Baldev pushes Ranvi and insults him. Veera defends Ranvi and they both argue. Baldev says Gunjan’s happiness does not matter to you right, and Ranvi will step in this house when he comes with my sister happily. Ranvi asks Veera not to say anything, Baldev made his heart, he believes Gunjan’s pain is because of me, no use to argue now, I m going, my wife can come along if she wants, she can come later too, her house doors are always open for her, but he has no cure for her doubts. Ranvi leaves. Gunjan cries.

Baldev explains Gunjan and she insults and scolds him for not helping her. Bansuri asks Gunjan to listen to her, and Gunjan is angry. Manjeet smiles.

Gunjan asks Dilawar to marry Geet and she will give all the fields to his name. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hat gunjan stupid girl…….

  2. Gunjan is paranoid n manjeet is helping her.. baldev n veera same old arguments
    This is gettng boring n with no ratan it is even worse

  3. Please stop this drama I am fed up with this

  4. It is jot Gunjan’s fault, she has had the doubts placed into her head, I can see were she is getting it from!

  5. Same routine fights bw ran I n gunjan and balder n veera…it’s really borin to watch this show…waste to watch …time waste….

  6. Same routine fights bw ran I n gunjan and balder n veera…it’s really borin to watch this …

  7. Wow Gunman is spoiled this episode is boring and Geet should go to Mumbai I mean she has a singing career and it will clear Gunjans thoughts also I don’t get what Manjeet is going for

  8. How can Gunjan, or Veera, or anyone for that matter decide who Geet sould marry. Gunjan thinks Geet is a commodity willing to give all her fields for him to marry Geet. Does she not have to find out if Geet wants to marry Dilawar.

  9. No geet cannot marry dilawar n someone should find out wats going on n wat happen to ratan murder

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