Veera 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Veera 21st January 2014 Written Update

Ratan see the sunny singh and ranveer’s bike. Gunjan came for ring ceremony. dalveer looks ranveer’s upset face. everybody talks about ring because it is very costly. baldev says, oye we will have lot of time to see the ring, first of all we will do ring ceremony. ratan heards veera’s voice. ring ceremony happens. tears comes out from ranveer eyes.
Ratan searches veera and she see that veera is tied on pole and she shouts on her. veera says, bring some sharp thing. Veera says, biji we have to stop the ring ceremony, i will tell you later everything. everybody congratulates to gunjan and jagjit.
Khurana says, we are getting late, so get ready. Veera see her bike and also see biji’s blood and tied handkerchief.
Ranveer thinks about gunjan. Everybody is on railway station, gunjan says, veera and ranveer is not here to say good bye to me.
Veera and biji reached sarpanchi ji’s home but nobody was there. Biji starts tractor and move towards railway station.
Dalveer comes and says, balwant tayaji searching you. Ranveer says, i cant go there and cant see to go gunjan far from me.
Gunjan says to baldev, ki hoya veerji. Baldev says, please forgive me, i have done wrong to you. Gunjan says, dont be sorry.
Ranveer comes towards veera and biji, they says, please stop balwant tayaji.
Veera, biji and ranveer everybody on platform. Ranveer pull the chain of train. Veera and biji reaches. Bansari shouts on veera and baldev supports her biji, then ratan says to sarpanch ji, please listen to veera only once.
Veera says, jagjit is already married. Jagjit and his family are froud. Balwant ask to jagjit, are you already married?
Jagjit says, yes i am. Khurana says, your son already knows about it before ring ceremony.

Precap:- everybody wants proof from veera about his truth.

Update Credit to: Tushar_Sharma

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