Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram talking to Vikram. Ram says how do you expect me to choose. Vikram says you can’t leave Priya at any cost. Ram says what id Pihu does something. Priya says I will make your decision easy, if I stay here, I won’t let Pihu marry Sammy, and if that does not happen, Pihi won’t stay here, so you all feel that Pihi loves Sammy and she will be happy with him but I don’t agree, I stand in between her happiness, I will leave from here so that you don’t find problem in taking a decision.

Ram looks on. Vikram says are you out of your mind, go and stop her. Pihu asks Juhi am I doing right. She says yes, you are right and hugs Pihu. Juhi conspires against Priya. Priya is packing her bag. Natasha comes to her and asks whats all this, this is not right. Priya says whats not right. Natasha says Pihu is doing what I did years ago, that was my biggest mistake, I will talk to Ram, he can’t support Pihu. Priya says he won’t understand, and if he does, he will feel guilty and he will start fighting iwth himself which I can’t see, so please don’t talk.

I can’t see him in pain. Pihu can’t see whats good for her, but I can see, I think I have to become mature. She reminds her of when Pihu was five years old and when Ram came to know she is alive, he wanted Pihu’s custody, I had two choices, to give away Pihu or fight for her. I did not fight in court as it would have hurt Ram, so I gave him Pihu, as I knew he can’t be away from Pihu, even today the situation is similar, he has to choose me or Pihu, I know he will be hurt, I don’t want that, so I m making it easy for him and leaving from this house.

She says this is tough for me, I will manage, but I can’t see Ram hurt. She cries and says I just want to get Ram’s pain. Natasha says I can’t see such love ever. Priya says I have to go, love was always there and will always be there, but sometimes it gets some anger, ego, its just a matter of time, love will prevail again. She says we can’t explain Ram as I know he is lots of stress, I don’t want to add on. I don’t want to see Pihu ruin her life, she does not see what she is doing. She says if I stay here, I will fight with Ram daily which I don’t want, if only I have the problem, its best that I leave. She says promise me that you will take care of Ram, he should not be in any problem.

Natasha says I promise you Priya and hugs her. Priya says let me pack now, I have some memories too which I have to take with me, you go now. Natasha leaves from her room thinking I won’t let Priya go, there is one person which can change her decision.
Natasha talks to Khush about Priya and Pihu. He says I love Ram and Priya both, I can’t take any one’s side. Natasha realizes her mistake as she also divided her family once. She asks him to close his eyes and listen to his heart. Cady talks about Pihu trying to commit suicide. She says this is not Pihu, I know her. Pihu is mad. Ridhima says we did not fight for our love. She says mum and Priya aunty fought because of all this. She says Sammy has to take a stand. Cady says Suhani is sacrificing her love. Ridhima says maybe mum is right, Sammy and Pihu can stay happy together.

Cady is angry on Pihu and supports Priya. She says I would have slapped Pihu, Sammy told mum that he loves Pihu. Vikram talks to Ram and asks him to stop Priya. Ram says I m hurt seeing all this. Vikram says love does not have ego, she is your wife, your love, you can’t let her go, if she leaves, your life will stop right here, please stop her. Suhani sees her photos with Sammy. Khush comes to her.

Natasha tells Cady that Pihu gave two options to Ram to choose between her and Priya. Cady says what. Natasha says Priya is leaving the house and Ram agreed with her, he won’t stop Priya, this is happening because of Pihu. Cady says Pihu always brought them together but now she has changed, Natasha says she has become selfish, she does not even care for her mum. Natasha says where is Neha. Cady says she fought with Priya today. Natasha says atleast we can try. Pihu is happy seeing Priya leave the house. Priya tells her daughters not to cry and looks at Ram.

Priya sees Khush with his bag. She says you are not going anywhere. Khush says I m coming with you, this is my final decision. Suhani sees Khush. Priya thinks about her moments with Ram. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain…………….. plays…………….. Priya goes to Ram and hugs him. She cries. Ram feels bad too and hugs her. He looks at Pihu and makes Priya away from him. Priya looks at Pihu. Priya walks out of the house. Ram looks on. Ram wishes Priya stops. Priya wants him to stop her once and she won’t go.

Priya wishes Ram happy birthday. They have a lovely moment.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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