Veera 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kohli seeing Baldev disturbed and plans to make anything done by hom, as he is always thinking about Veera and is not focusing on things. Veera misses Baldev. Yaara ve……….plays……… She recalls the old moments and how he used to tease her and comes out of her imagination, as Balwant comes and asks her about Bansuri. Manjeet says she did not see her well since morning. She smiles. Balwant goes to Bansuri and sees her ill. He asks how did she get unwell. Bansuri says Baldev come home. Manjeet says she is so ill. Balwant says she has high fever, he will call doctor and asks Veera to sit with her.

Veera goes to get water and Bansuri smiles saying she convinced she is not well and says she has used onion and got fever. Baldev used to do this, and I will get my son back now. Manjeet says but Balwant went to call doctor. Bansuri says don’t worry, I thought about it. Ranvi tells everyone a good news, he went to producer and he met the lyricist and the matter got solved, now music video will start soon and Jagdish Sharma will get the credit. They get happy that Jagdish did not get the case ahead against Ranvi.

He asks for Gunjan. Chai ji says she went out, she will come in sometime. The doctor checks Bansuri and Manjeet diverts the doctor. Bansuri keeps the thermometer under hot water bag and then holds in her mouth. The doctor says she has high fever, admit her in hospital to do tests. Bansuri says no, I m fine at home, I won’t go. The doctor says I will send nurse for her care, and gives prescription.

Balwant and Veera talk to the doctor. The doctor says she will be fine, keep her happy and call her son. Gunjan is glad about Ranvi’s good news and gives all the credit to Baldev. Ranvi says he has sent me to jail, what did he manage then. She gets sad. Ranvi says sorry, I should not say this to your brother.

He says I want you to look very beautiful, smile now. She smiles and hugs him. Veera thinks about Bansuri’s words and her ill health. Manjeet tells Bansuri that she did good acting and fooled Balwant and Veera. Bansuri says yes, I had to do this. Veera comes and hears everything. Bansuri thinks she might have heard them. Manjeet asks since when was she standing there. Veera says I just came. Bansuri says she does not want medicine, she wants her son.

Veera gets sad thinking about Baldev’s words. Baldev also recalls her words and is sad. Its morning, Bansuri starts acting seeing Veera. Kohli asks Baldev to sign on the papers and Baldev says he will sign soon. Veera recalls Bansuri’s words. Balwant asks her why is she lost in thoughts. Veera says she is worried, as Bansuri is not taking medicines. He says even I m worried, I wish she gets well soon. Kohli makes the wrong papers ready and knows Baldev will not check it.

Its morning, Veera gets tea for Bansuri and asks her to have halwa. Bansuri refuses and says my son is out, and shall I eat halwa here, I m his mum. Veera says I know you are acting, I heard you saying this, I thought you will end it soon when you know Balwant is worried for you, but you are continuing. She says she will get really ill if she does not eat, then no one will worry for her. She leaves.

Manjeet says did she go to tell Balwant. Bansuri says he will scold me. Veera thinks she knows what to do now. Baldev misses Veera. Kohli says papers is ready, will you read. He shows the mall papers. Baldev asks can’t we do later. Kohli says boss is worried, sign it soon so that the work can start. Baldev asks where to sign and signs on the form. Baldev signs on the first page and stops as the door knocks, and misses to sign on the second page which is imp for Kohli. He sees its Veera.

He leaves the papers and goes to her. He says he will sign papers later. Kohli asks them to talk. Baldev asks him to stay as he knows for what Veera has come here, she has come to make my condition fulfilled.

Baldev burns Veera’s dupatta and asks does this matter to her. She says he can’t bend her like this. Baldve acts rude to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pathetic! Cant believe its durjoy sir!

  2. Baldev is gone mad.veera where is ur old braveness?plz dont change yourself totaly 4 others.others should like the real veera and 4 that u should throw away the face of emotional queen.

    1. Insant too not only mad

  3. Accordng to directr precap of tomr baldev kills bansuri for thinkng she was veera.

  4. oh my god! how can someone narrate such nonsense?? better stop this serial. plz stop this nonsense serial

  5. boring serial ever……

  6. really, y this serial is continuing???

  7. bad bad bad. how can ppl watch such boring serial? plz stop this serial

  8. Wen u all cnt watch it den hw can u read its written updates wch r more boring den watchng d serial…

  9. boring boring boring

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