Veera 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 1st March 2013 Written Update

Episodes starts with Kids laughing at Baldev , Baldev angrily walks away. Ranvi warns Veera not to do this again.

Kartar remembers Gurpreet saying if anyone can take his place in Ratan’s life, it’s Nihal. Kartar wonders why he is angry hearing this, what if Nihal helps rattan. His inner soul tells that He is not able to accept another man in Ratan’s life as his feelings for Ratan has changed

Ratan tells Nihal that Sampooran’s dream has become a part of their life, she further tells how they used to argue over things for college, she continues to narrate the pacifications they made, Nihal who is standing behind her continues to stars at her, understands Ratan’s excitement about the project. Rattan realising she has been talking non.-stop, asks Nihal what happened. Nihal tells how Sampooran used to tell she ( Ratan ) talks a lot and asks her why she stopped being the way she used to. Ratan replies Ratna who was cheerful and talkative is still alive in her , but waiting for Sampooran to come back.

At Gunjan’s house, Veera and Gunjan are playing, making a toy home with the help of chairs, sarees etc. Seeing Veera and Gunjan playing happily, Baldev pulls the chair which breaks their toy home. When Gunjan asks why he did this, he replies she put cow dung in his tiffen box, now he will be revengeful towards both Gunjan and Veera.

Gunjan complains to her father how her brother always makes her cry and how her mother never scolds Baldev. She tells him why her mother loves only Baldev, asks him why no one love her. Sarpaj consoles her telling he loves her and she shouldn’t cry. He helps her to re-build the toy house while Veera is staring at them. Sarpaj makes Gunjan sit in his lap, explains to her how daughters are apple of their fathers, bansuri looks on. Bansuri asks Gunjan to stop playing and asks how long will Veera be at their home?

In room, Bansuri tells she can’t see Gunjan playing with Veera who is a paap. Sarpaj asks her to stop hating Veera , as Veera brought happiness to their village. Bansuri is about to say something, sees baldev standing at the door. Baldev tells he wanted to talk about something to her Paapaji. After baldev goes away, bansuri tells she won’t be able to forgive Ranveera till her death.

At Ranvi’s fried house, ranvi and his friends are studying, telephone rings, and its friend’s father call. Ranvi’s friend talks to his father, asksing him to buy gifts for them. He tells Ranvi how his fathers going to bring lots of gifts for them, Ranvi becomes sad ( may be missing his own father ) He leaves from there.

While retuning back home with Gunjan ,Veera asks if she had a father, would he also love her the way all fathers do. Gunjan says fathers love their daughters the most. Nihal arrives, Gunjan leaves from there. Veera telling Nihal she heard Balwant saying daughter are apple of their fathers eye’s, she further tells when their father comes back she will asks him for many gifts. Nihal tries to cheer up.

Ranvi tells Ratan how his friend’s father called him from Canada, asks her why their father never called them. He tells her he also wants to talk to his fathers, asks her to call him. Rattan says she doesn’t have his telephone number. Ranvi asks is his father dead? Ratan is stunned hearing this.

Pre- cap: Ranvi and Veera opening a box which contains sampooran’s letter to them

Update Credit to: Roshani

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