Saraswatichandra 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the scene in India:

Kumud and her family leave for the net centre. The family members have a discussion about the groom. The family is tensed. Kusum asks Kumud what she will do now. Kumud says that I will reply to him. Her heart broke but she will not accept her parent’s …………. I will not listen quietly.

The scene shifts to Dubai:
Laxmi informs Saras that they are heading to cybercafe to talk to Kumud and he has arranged it. He asks Saras to think what he wants to ask and say to Kumud and wishes him All the best. Saras says ok.

Kumud and all reaches the cybercafe. Vidyachatur asks to hurry up.
Meanwhile, Saras also reaches to talk to Kumud.

Saras sits on the laptop, and waits to see Kumud.
Kumud’s family on seeing Saras are very happy, and asks Kumud to sit and talk.
Laxmi calls VidyaChatur and asks him to send Kumud on videocall.
The scene gets hilarious. Kumud says that she will talk to Saras alone. Everyone leaves.

Saras hears her Payal’s sound.
Kumud sees his eyes and starts thinking about her own words. He sits with her back facing Saras and starts talking to him. She scolds him saying she has received the letter and why did he call her online.
She says that her father got very happy when Saras’s father called him and gave the proposal.
She further says that to see whether a relation works is to make a relation, she says he is afraid and she will not marry such man. She asks him to come and say No directly to Vidyachatur if he has courage.
The videochat ends. Saras thinks about what Kumud said to him and he is in a big dilemma.

Everyone come to talk to Kumud and Kumari asks what she said to Saras. Kumud is quiet, and gives a No sign to Kusum. Kumud gets sad. Vidyachatur takes his family home.

Scene shifts to Dubai:

Ghuman asks Laxmi about Saras and Kumud’s talk. Laxmi says he doesn’t know about it.
Saras is seen sitting somewhere and thinking about Kumud’s words. He is worried about talking to Laxmi.

Scene shifts back to India:

Kumud talks to Kusum and gives her the message in english. Everyone asks what they were talking.
She says that she asked him to come here and talk.

Sunny asks Saras about what he said to Kumud on videocall. He makes a plan to end the proposal for Saras.

Ghuman talks to her Didi and says she is worried about Kumud.

Kumud and her family are on the way to their home. Kusum and Kumud drop by to take the dupattas from the tailor. Actually they want to have a conversation. Kumud tells Kusum that Saras will come to say No.
Kusum is doubtful.

Saras arrives to Kumud’s city. He greets everyone. VidyaChatur is happy.
Kumud sees him and stands far away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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