Veera 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 19th August 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Ranvi consoling Chaiji that Veera is not going forever and that he will bring her back once he gets older. Naani ji comes in the room and overhears Ranvi. Ranvi when sees her asks her why she came and she tells him Veera left a ribbon in her room when she slept with them last night. Ranvi takes the ribbon and requests Chai ji to lets Veera sleep with him for the day and next, Naniji agrees.

In the night, Veera sees the marks on the wall and asks Ranvi why he has marked a mark so high above. Ranvi tells her one day she would become that tall. Veera asks but why he hasn’t made the marks in between. Ranvi thinks how he won’t be able to see her grow up but directly see her at that marked stage. He asks Veera to stop asking questions but go to bed. They lie on the bed and

Ranvi tells Veera that if she wakes up before him, she shouldn’t go down because he wants go wake up looking at her. Veera happily agrees. Ranvi then tells her a story although Veera told him its okay if he’s sleepy and doesn’t want to. He tells a story about a princess who had a brother she loved a lot and he loved her and how a man once came and took the princess away. Veera asked if the princess got sad but Ranvi said that no, she didn’t get sad because she trusted her brother and knew he would one day bring her back. Ranvi looks across the room to see his father’s picture and tells her that in his story, the prince was sad because he had promised his father to take care of her always. He isn’t able to continue the story as when he turns to see her, she has fallen asleep. He pulls the duvet over her.

Ranvi is then seen wrapping gifts outside the room. Ratan comes and sees him and sits with him. She tells him how she can understand what he is going through. Ranvi tells her that he is not letting Veera go forever, he is going to bring her back very soon. Naani reaches there and overhears their conversation and is looking on sadly.

Ratan then later goes to her room and cries, looking at Sampooran’s picture. She cries. Then she goes to her cupboard and fetches a cloth and sits behind the sewing machine to stich a dress for Veera. With her injured foot, she makes clothes for Veera.

In the morning Ranvi wakes up before Veera and wishing her, leaves the room. Veera wakes up and looks for her Veerji but on not finding him, she puts a hand on her eyes and walks out of the room, since her Veerji had asked her not to leave the room before he saw her. Se runs into Ratan, and opens her eyes. Ratan wishes her a happy birthday and Veera happily hugs her. Ratan hesitates before hugging her and then wishes her a very happy birthday and gives well wishes to her. Veera hears her Veerji calling to her and she runs to him, Ratan looking at the package (present) in her hand.

Veera finds her Veerji outside and goes and hugs him. He wishes her a happy birthday. Nihaal, Chaiji, Naani ji too wish her and everyone is really happy. Ratan doesnt come down, she looks down from the upper part of the house. Ranvi asks Naana ji if he can take Veera to the gurdwaara. He agrees.

Naani ji goes into her room sadly. Naana ji asks her why she is so upset, but she tells him he would not understand. On insistance, Naani ji tells him that whatever they did with Amrita, making a decission and supressing her with it, they may be repeating the same with Veera. Making her do something she doesn’t want to. She tells him that over the six years, Veera is very attatched to the family. Naana ji gets mad at Naani ji and tells her that they would shower her with alot of love and she would forget these people in a month. And tha this is his final decission and he wants to hear nothing more.

In the gurdwara, Ranvi prays to his Rab ji to give him the strength to part with Veera, to take care of her and to grow him up sooner so he can bring her back. He cries while he prays and requests Rab ji to always take care of Veera. On the other hand, Veera tells her Rab ji that she isn’t sure why her Veer ji’s prayer is so long, but she just wants her Veerji to like the gift she had bought for him on Raakhi. She tells her Rab ji she is very happy today as its her birthday.

Precap: Raakhi ceremony going on. Veera ties Rakhi on Ranvi tightly and says she did this so it never opens. She feeds him a laddoo and asks Ranvi to tie a rakhi to her too like every year. Everyone sees how Ranvi ties her a rakhi.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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