Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th August 2013 Written Update

Sohum is trying to remove the sweater but is struggling. Rajji comes and asks whether he needs help. He declines but she says the way he is doing it, he will not succeed and removes it . Sohum in an unconvincing voice says ‘I told you not to but you don’t listen’() and goes away from the bedroom

Sohum remembers Angad confirming with Buaji that so Rajji has passed. Buaji comes and see him upset. She thinks he is upset because of the plan failing but he corrects her and says that he is worried thinking about Rajji as she is trying so hard to be a good wife and might even succeed but even if she wins he will not be able to give her her rights. When he sees her working so hard to prove herself, he feels more upset for her as when he sees Rajji he remembers his lost love

Bani. He knows that Rajji is not to blame but he is not able to forgive her. Buaji says that if he is so troubled why doesn’t he send her back home. Sohum says he wants to do that but he is not able to do so as he knows Rajji since childhood. He can’t give her happiness but does not want to hurt her either. Buaji decides in her mind that she will solve this problem for him by getting rid of Rajji

Everyone is in the living room and Buaji comes up with the next test. Says now she wants to bring peace for Sohum. So they will do seva in gurudwara and Rajji will handle it and do all the requirements for 50 people. She gives list of some 6-7 food items that have to be prepared by 5pm

Buaji says she is going out but not to take advantage of that as she knows Simran’s food’s taste. She does not want to tell anyone where she is going **Buaji is upto something fishy**

Nirvail is angry that Buaji had said Rajji can’t go to her house. He says she has no business saying all that and he is going to bring Rajji. Beeji calms him down saying that Rajji is trying so hard to manage there and he should not spoil her efforts.

MIL sees Bani packing and encourages her to take more clothes and gives excuses so that she takes more clothes and jewelry. MIL goes to take her clothes for her and cries. She has a deja vu moment. Bani is concerned that MIL will have to handle everything alone when she leaves. MIL says she will miss Bani a lot and Bani says anyway she will be back in 2 days.

Sohum is ready to go out and gets a call from Jas ** she calls him Jeeju and he seems a bit taken aback**. Jas invites Sohum and Rajji home for when the guy comes to see her. Sohum says he can’t come but has no isues if Rajji went. Jas asks if he is still angry and says she will feel good if both can come and keeps the phone before he can reply. Binder asks whether he agreed and she says can’t be sure. Binder tells Jas not to worry as Bani is anyway coming.

MIL is packing so much stuff and Bani asks her why she is packing so much clothes and jewellery. MIL shown repeating the same lines she had made years back that we don’t know when all this would be required. Finally all packing is done and again we see her walk Bani out and get flashback scenes in between of her doing the same with someone else (face not shown till now). Bani takes leave of the other women, hugs MIL and steps out of the house. As MIL watches her, we see the flashback and as Bani turns for a look , we see older day Bani, ie Rano looking at MIL in flashback

Precap: Bani in tears and Desho comes from behind. Says she had a nightmare about Bani 2 nights back and was scared there was something wrong. Tells Bani not to talk if she is still angry but just tell whether everything is fine there .

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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