Veera 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 18th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with truck driver drops gunjan and ranveer to mata ji da temple. Ranveer gives thanks to truck driver. Truck driver says, mention not, jai mata di. Ranveer says, why are you removing your sandals, its really hot here, your legs will burnt up. Gunjan says, i want to something and it is nothing onto it.
Ranveer says to himself, i know what you want.
Veera says to herself, baldev always make trouble to everyone. Veera reaches towards baldev and says, why are you always make people in trouble. Baldev says, go and do your work. Baldev says, you have to do what i say. Baldev then pick up the pot onto his head and move little bit. Then he gave pot again to lady. Lady says, i cannot give you money. Baldev says, no problem, just give me one pot. Baldev says to veera, you just see, i will again complete your bet.
Gunjan moves towards temple without sandal then ranveer water in front of her.
Gunjan pray from God that we will again start a new relation. Baldev pulling leg of veera then veera beat baldev and says, does practise of beaten all the time because i will beat you all the times. Veera ask from baldev, what are you doing? Baldev says, dont disturb. Baldev drink water to some people and gives pot to people and in replace he takes grass, then he goes to dudhwala and gives grass for his buffalo and takes one litre of milk. Veera again ask, i dont know what are you doing? What kind of business he wants to do.
Baldev then again goes to sweets shop and ask from him that how many sweets will i get in replace of one litre milk. Sweetwalla says, i will give 4 sweets to you. Veera says, ohhh my God!! You got loss in first day. Baldev says, no tayaji, just give 250 gm of sweets and take morgage of veera. Veera gets angry.
Veera goes towards his home then sweets wala says, oye veera!!!dont go to your home otherwise baldev will not leave me. Gunjan pray to God and says, i want to tell everything to Ranveer that i love her. Pandit does pray for ranveer and gunjan.
Veera waits for baldev for half an hour and says, i want to go to home. Please take these rupees and let me go. Do you think that baldev will come for me. Sweetswala says, oye na ji putar, this time you are wrong, Baldev do what he wants.. Baldev comes and gives 150 rupees to sweetswala and gives 100 rupees to veera and says, now i have completed my second bet. Pandit ji gives vermilion to ranveer and says, put it your wife’s head. Ranveer denies about it and says, i will not say lie in front of mata.

Precap:- Ranveer says, i dont want you to let down. Gunjan says, i not feeling letting down myself, i want to tell you something. ranveer says, i know everything. Gunjan surprisingly says, you know!!!!!

Update Credit to: tushar

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