Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Varun arguing with Vikram. Varun says I m leaving this house, Kaira suffered a lot because of me, I won’t let her suffer more. Vikram says its about Kaira’s love. He says what do you think, Diwaans will accept you. Varun says I know, but I will try to make sure I m not like him. Vikram asks Amrita to explain Varun. Amrita supports Varun. Amrita leaves with Varun. Pankhudi tells everything to the family. Rubel gets angry and says I will not leave Vikram. Rubel says I was a fool not to understand anything. Rubel cries and hugs Adi. Rubel says I m sorry. Everyone cries. Rubel says you had to bear so much and I could not do anything to help you. Adi says am I not Kaira’s brother. Rubel says you are better than me, you could have told me.

Adi says Kaira is our priority, think about her. Anuj comes and asks whats going on. Kaira runs to him and hugs him crying. He asks her why are you crying. Kaira says I came back from that house. Anuj is shocked. He sees everyone upset. Amrita tells Varun she is very happy with what he did. She asks Varun not to come back to this house again. She gives him bangles and asks him to give it to Kaira. Vikram looks on. She says its mine. Varun says but…. Amrita says go, please go. Varun greets him. She says stay happy with Kaira wherever you are. She says my blessings are with you. Varun leaves. Vikram is shocked.

Varun stops. Amrita says don’t turn back, don’t stop, go. Varun cries and leaves. Amrita cries. Anuj consoles Kaira after knowing everything. He says don’t know how we all did such a big mistake. Avantika says don’t blame yourself. She says I know we all did a mistake, I promise you Kaira, you will not suffer for this. Sheela says what will we do now, my daughter’s life is ruined. Avantika says its good that Kaira came here. Nani pacifies Sheela and says don’t be weak, don’t cry, Kaira needs you, be strong. Sheela says what about her future. Nani says I m sure Varun will come back for her leaving Vikram.

Harish says I don’t think so. Rubel says we all know he is very weak. Nani says he is very nice. Payal says he can’t support his wife. Adi says we all are shocked, its not easy for Varun. Kaira says no need to hope, as Varun will not leave Vikram. Pankhudi says Varun will come leaving everything for you. Vikram asks Amrita can Varun survive without my help. Amrita says he will. Vikram says I think you both have lost. She argues with him. She says I was wrong, I should have not agreed to you, don’t shout, even I know how to shout. Vikram is shocked.

Kaira asks Pankhudi not to give her hope. She says now I don’t need Varun. Varun says Kaira but I need you. Everyone look at Varun. Varun says he has left Vikram’s house, he was wrong. He apologizes to everyone for hurting Kaira. Kaira cries. He says I came to you forever and I promise I will always support you and never leave you alone. Adi asks him how do you want to spend your life with her, you had a problem with this marriage right. He says its true that I have fallen for Kaira, I really love her. He says I realized this when she left home. I felt its very late but then I thought of Nani’s words. Adi says if Vikram calls you back.

Varun says I will not go back to him. He says I will start a new life with Varun, with everyone’s permission. Everyone smile. Amrita taunts Vikram. Vikram asks her to get out of his house. She says her fate is linked to him and she will not live this house. She says Vikram you are a big loser. He is about to slap her and she faints. Vikram holds her and worries about her.

Sameer says we should not punish Varun for Vikram. Pankhudi and everyone agree. Anuj says fine, Varun can stay in this house. Rubel says no, he does not have any right to be here. Rubel kicks out Varun out of the house. Adi stops him. Pankhudi says Varun will stay here. Rubel says I will take Kaira and go from this house. Everyone are shocked. Rubel says I can’t forget what Vikram did. Varun is Vikram’s brother. Pankhudi says we should give him a chance. Avantika says its about Kaira’s life. Sheela says Varun came here, we should give him a chance.

Rubel argues with everyone. Kaira listens to them. Pankhudi says Varun and Kaira love each other. Adi says Rubel is also right, but its not important, lets ask Kaira what she wants. Kaira says it would be good if Varun leaves from here, i think Rubel is right. Varun has no right to stay in this house. She says Varun can’t make my dreams come true. He has to go from my life. Everyone are shocked.

Adi explains Kaira to give Varun some time. Kaira cries.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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