Veera 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Veera 17th September 2013 Written Update

Kartar, behaving like a complete psychopath keeps telling the kids that he’s going to become their father soon by marrying Ratan and then they will live together like a family. The kids act in defiance and Veera protest to which Kartar threatens to hurt her but Ranvi warns him of doing anything of the sort. Kartar warns them that their lives will change from today. He goes and comes back dressed like a groom as he make arrangements for marriage ceremony and waits for Ratan.

Meanwhile, Ratan reaches the dilapidated structure in search of Ranveera when she sees them trapped. Ratan warns Kartar to leave the kids but he acts stubborn and refuses to let the kids go until she marries him. Ratan slaps him and Ranvi warns Kartar to keep away from Ratan. Kartar gets angry and shout
at the

kids. He tells Ratan that he’s her future husband and he’ll teach her to respect him. He takes hold of Ratan’s hand and forcefully starts taking pheras with her.

On the other hand the villagers are looking for Ranveera but finds no clue. Chaiji informs Balwant that even Ratan has gone missing and her phone is not reachable. The villagers proceeds towards the woods to look for the trio.

Kartar is forcing Ratan to marry him. Helpless, Ranvi frees Veera’s hands and legs and asks her to go towards the village and come back with help. Veera hops through the window but realizes it will be too late if she goes all the way to the village. Locating a bell, she remembers how everyone had come to get aur when she had banged spoon against the plate when a tiger had come to village. Veera starts ringing the bell that startles Kartar and attracts the villagers’ attention who along with chaiji and Balwant were in a look out for Ranveera and Ratan.

Kartar rushes out with an intention to kill Veera once and for all but Ratan comes in time and hits Kartar with a bamboo on his head. Kartar stumbles and looses balance and almost slips. But Ratan saves him from falling from the height. She with Ranveera’s help saves Kartar stating she hasn’t forgotten what Kartar was for Sampooran. Kartar is taken aback. Ratan saves him and asks him to leave before the villagers reach the spot and hunt him. A stunned Kartar almost runs but his conscience stops him.

Chaiji and villagers reaches the spot and are stunned to see Kartar. Kartar confesses to his crimes and chaiji slaps him. The villagers trash him up and police comes and arrests him. Ratan wonders why Kartar stoop so low.

Ranveera are back at home and Ranvi is feeding Veera. Veera says she’s happy that everything is back to normal. She further adds but stops midway when she mentions Nihal.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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