Veera 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi talking to Rajveer well. Rajveer thinks Ranvi would have confronted me if he knew anything, he does not cheat anyone, if its not Ranvi, then who is it. Baldev comes to meet Veera and they have a romantic scene. He says he knows she is eager to come close to him. She says no, who told you. He gets closer and asks no? She says no. He goes ahead to kiss her. Yaara ve……………plays……………. She closes her eyes and he smiles. She holds his face and Chai ji calls Veera…… Baldev asks Veera for a kiss. She asks him to go. Chai ji knocks the door. Baldev leaves from the window. Ratan catches him and he thinks its Ranvi. He sees Ratan and is relieved. She says it means you are not afraid of me. He says no. She asks why did he come to meet Veera.

He says no, I did not come to meet Veera, I came to meet Gunjan. She laughs and says you don’t know lying, fine, help me if you have come. She asks which car he wants, they will buy what he wants. He asks why do I want car, I have jeep. She says it will be trouble to take wife out. He says why will I have trouble, Veera likes my jeep. Ratan says but… He asks did anyone tell this to her that I want car. She says leave it, I want to give AC car by my wish. Gunjan comes and says Chai ji is finding you. Ratan asks Baldev to think and tell soon. She goes. Gunjan asks what did she say to think.

Baldev asks her whats going on. Rajveer thinks who will tell in Gurdaspur that he knows ms very well, Baldev did not go out of pind, then who. The constable says he has found out and says the man came there again, he went to your old servant quarter also, I got his pic. He shows Nihaal’s pics. Rajveer is shocked. Baldev comes home and asks Bansuri what happened to her, what she wants to do. Balwant asks whats this way to talk to your Biji. Baldev says what should I do Papa ji, I feel like…. He says Bansuri did not say yes for marriage as she loves her son, she wanted…. Balwant asks what happened. Baldev says Biji does not want this marriage to happen, I made her say yes, but no use, as she will not give any blessings, its same if she is not in marriage.

He says don’t worry to give me blessings, as I decided you will not be there in my marriage. I have seen what you will do there. Bansuri is shocked. Balwant says if she said yes, why are you saying this. Baldev says I m grown up and she is selling me. Balwant asks what. Baldev says ask Biji, what did she ask in dowry, ask her the demands list. Bansuri says I asked what Veera will use. Baldev says yes, and names the items. Balwant is shocked. Baldev says did you think how did I feel when Ratan asked me which car I want. Bansuri says she told you. Baldev says she is good and told me she wants to gift me. Gunjan told me everything. Balwant scolds Bansuri and says is she not ashamed to do this.

Bansuri says why, the items are for Veera’s comforts. Baldev says if my wife wants anything, its my duty to get it for her. He says you have shown I m incapable. She says no. He says you asked so that Ranvi breaks this relation. Baldev says Ratan did not tell Ranvi and was doing everything on her own. He says I will tell Ratan we don’t want anything, and you will not come in marriage or any functions. He leaves.

Ratan sees bangles and recalls Nihaal got it for her. Chai ji comes and asks Ratan about the bangles gifted by Nihaal. Ranvi comes home and hears Ratan and Chai ji talking. Ratan says she was seeing jewelry to give Veera and this box came up. Ratan gets nervous. Chai ji says you can do anything, as you know whats right or wrong for you, why do you hide your heart matter. Ratan diverts the talk. Chai ji says she won’t dislike the thing she likes. Ratan chooses some sets. Ratan says I have much work. How will Ranvi do alone. Chai ji says Nihaal can help him. Ratan says why are you talking about him. Chai ji says you don’t want to hear his name, why don’t you tell us.

Balwant packs the bag. Bansuri asks where is he going. He says he can’t stay in same room, he can’t be with her. She says don’t make me feel bad, I did not ask dowry, I told what will Baldev need after marriage. He says even if you say again, I won’t believe that it was done to stop Veera from coming here, you took revenge. She says no, I did what I felt is right. He says change it, daughters are not burden, if we make anyone our bahu, we should be thankful to them and you were hurting them who made our daughter a queen there. He scolds her.

Gunjan comes to Ratan and says Papa ji wants to talk to you. Ratan takes the phone and greets him. Balwant apologizes and says Bansuri demanded dowry and made us small, we don’t have any demand. Ratan says no, its for children, and we will be happy to do this for our son in law. Balwant says no, we want our bahu in her one set of clothes, end this here, if you give us anything, we will feel you did not forgive us, or show us that we can’t take care of Veera. Ratan says fine, I won’t say anything. She requests him not to tell anything or blame Bansuri. Balwant says you are really good.

Gunjan says we will keep sangeet here, and we will keep competition. He says as you feel like. Balwant tells this to Bansuri and says you stay here alone at home, we will not trouble you.

Veera shows her mehndi to Ranvi. He says its very good and applies some, with blessings. Veera smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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