Hamari Sister Didi 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita asks Karan to keep his attitude to himself, and never come this late to her house. They have an argument, Karan goes home as Amrita goes inside.
In the hospital, Karan comes with minor injuries. Babay asks what happened, he says nothing and comes in the room. Babay brings the first aid, and asks him to sit. He says just place tincture. She asks where he fell down. He looks away, thinking about Amrita. Karan asks what is a girl’s problem, why can’t they take help. Babay says sometimes, help seems to be owing. Karan says no one owes one’s own. Babay says we, women are a bit tilted. Karan says she daily tries to fight with the life tragedies, what if he helps her. Babay asks is the friend special, he nods. Babay says he is concerned, because he loves her. Karan laughs, that there is nothing like love that can happen. Babay winks, that how he can happen to love. She leaves, but Karan denies the idea about love, then says OMG.
In the morning, Mehr comes to hospital. Veer stops her, she asks he? He says Namaste, and tells her he came for an important work. He has to give flowers to someone. She asks who? He tells her to see herself, and get them for whom he brought them. She goes to see the bouquet, as he observes her. She realizes there was no name; she says he must have forgotten writing the name. He says he brought them for the one, whose simplicity, courage, heart beat and each breath made him her servant, and wants her to give him space in her feet. Mehr looks at him, and then looks away. He leaves saying he will wait for her call. Mehr smiles at the flowers. Malika cheers, that these flowers must be from her patient. Mehr takes the bouquet, and says her patient brought them for her and are from Veer. Malika says she is really lucky, but is lost.
Amrita comes to hospital in scooty. Karan looks at her, as she keeps her helmet aside and corrects her hair. He comes to her, she looks at him but Babay comes and says it is good she has come and tells her that Neha is crying again. Amrita is concerned that she has already got weak, all the else will take place later. Amrita observes Neha, watching her photos. She says she is really hungry, and asks Neha if she wants to eat. Babay comes there too, Amrita says Neha was alone so she thought about eating here. Neha says had a hope, but now it has gone too. Her mother in law is looking for a new bahu. The ladies say that she doesn’t has to help her saas, but fight. She must have the power to fight for herself, and love herself. She tells Neha that someone must never keep things in heart, they break the relations. Babay says to Amrita that the vegetable is really great. Neha asks if this is really nice, they must also make her eat. Amrita feeds her, and tells her to stay happy.
Amrita calls Neha’s saas, she says she got her number from a matrimonial site. She is looking for her sister’s proposal. She asks her to get their medical profiles matched. The saas says this is a good thing. Amrita asks her to get the profile made. The saas says this is a good discovery by Muskaan, had they known it earlier.
Amrita says to Babay, that once Vivek looks at Neha he will be melted, she is his wife after all. Amrita watches Karan go upstairs, and goes behind. She places the money on his table, he looks at her. Karan says he was expecting thankyou. Amrita says she told him, she doesn’t want his money. He asks why, what is the problem. She says she doesn’t need his help. Amrita says help, and owing are two different things. She shuts the door, and says she doesn’t need his or anyone’s help. He says there is a problem, she is hiding in her ego. She could have returned later, but why is she disowning him. She thinks she knows she is doing wrong, but she doesn’t want people to take them wrong. Karan asks her to learn the rules of taking help as well. Amrita says he must not show any mercy to her. Karan is enranged. He shows her letter of complaint to her, saying she doesn’t need help so she must handle her problem herself. He leaves the room, while Amrita looks at the letter worried.

PRECAP: Neha asks is her recovery late. She lost her job as well. Amrita goes to the job place, and asks the owner if he thought when she was doing the overtime.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. HEY! It was great, it felt as if i was ACTUALLY watching the show!

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