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Veera 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant and Bansuri arguing over Veera. Gunjan comes to them and gives the good news of the offer of her and Ranvi performing together. Balwant is glad. Bansuri scolds her for not caring about Baldev. Gunjan says Ranvi did not record statement, I m trying to stop him. Baaldev comes to polyhouse and recalls about Veera. He throws the things in anger. He says when my and Veera’s love has ended, why should the things linked to our love be alive. He puts acid on the plants. Jaggi and Billa come and stop Baldev. Baldev says don’t stop me, else I will drink this. Veera comes and is shocked seeing the plants dead.

Baldev says see what I did, you loved this place, I have ruined it, you still have a chance, leave me and go. I will do this with everything related to you. She leaves. Jaggi says what was the plants mistake, how can you do this, this polyhouse was close to you also. Billa says you met her so many times here, recall the moments. Baldev thinks about the past and holds his head. He sees the jeep standing outside the house, and says there was someone. Veera hides and looks on. They ask him who was it. He says when I dropped Veera, the jack was there, who was near my house. Billa says maybe someone who trapped you. Baldev scolds them.

Baldev turns and sees Veera. He laughs and says I don’t remember anything, maybe I have killed Nihaal, go to Ranvi and ask him. He says tell him that I have killed Nihaal, he will be happy. Billa says we know you did not kill him, just think what happened that day then we can solve it. Baldev recalls the jail torture. He gets angry and shakes. He leaves. Gunjan calls the manager and says Ranvi has agreed. He says its great news, I will inform the producer. He says we can make many shows if people like it, Ranvi has to sing and you need to dance. She says I will rehearse, when do we have to start. He says tomorrow. She says everything is going to be good, just Baldev‘s case should get solved.

Jaggi and Billa offer Veera help. She says I will do myself. I have failed in every relation, I feel I can’t make my dad’s dream true. Jaggi says no, we did not see any smart and brave girl like you. Billa says yes, we know you worked hard to make this polyhouse, we will help you, Baldev will come to apologize. She says I want him to make me help him. He says yes, he changed, but your love is same, the day he values this love, everything will be fine like before. Its night, Veera does the Lohri pujaa.

Bansuri taunts Veera and blames her for Baldev’s state. Veera cries. Balwant asks her to stop it. Baldev comes to her room and recalls everyone’s words. He shouts and says I don’t recall anything. He recalls Rajveer’s words and says stop it, don’t call me murderer. Balwant and Veera give Lohri wishes. He says its longest night of the year, it shows the problems will end. He says Lord will make everything fine, just be strong. She thinks she does not have to be afraid, and bring Nihaal’s death truth out and prove Baldev innocent. Se thinks the coat button is the only proof, and its Rajveer’s, I have to meet him to know the truth, I will go to meet him tomorrow.

Ranvi, Gunjan and family does the Lohri puja. They recall Veera and smile, and then realize she is not with them now. . Gunjan talks about her rehearsals and talks about Veera. She asks Ratan will she never forgive Veera. She says even I believe Baldev is innocent, there might have something happened before Ranvi reached there and he is mistaken to believe Baldev is culprit, Veera did this to save Baldev from going to jail. Ratan says maybe he is innocent, but is this fine to ignore family, Nihaal loved her as daughter and she did not regret for his death, she did not care of us but only Baldev. She has proved that we all don’t matter to her. Gunjan says I agree, but is this right what you all are doing. She says she knows what they are going through, they are hurt and even then they are making Veera away, is this right. Ratan looks on.

Veera comes to Rajveer’s house, and is shocked seeing the room with her pics. She says whats all this, my pics in his room.

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