Humsafars 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kurti Apa telling Alvira that kayamat will come on this house. Zaki has left you and this is just a starting. Alvira says nothing will happen. If Zaki has left, then he will come back too as he has relation with us. She taunts her indirectly saying she don’t have any relation with them. She asks her to retire and leave their house. Kurti Apa gets angry. Alvira talks to someone on phone.

Arzoo is sleeping and is in pain. Sahir looks at her wounded legs and gets up from the couch. He thinks Arzoo is stubborn just like him. Didn’t apply the ointment. He applies an ointment on her feet. Arzoo feels relieved. Sahir goes back to sleep.

Myra asks Nausheen why you are worried. Nausheen says she is worried for Sahir. Myra says she is Sahir’s responsibility. Nausheen thinks why she agreed to marry Sahir? Myra says Arzoo always loved Sahir. Nausheen says circumstances forced her to marry Sahir. She feels bad for their daughters. She says she will not get love nor respect. Myra asks her to have faith on God. Nausheen says she have to talk to her.

In the morning. Alvira asks Sahir to make Arzoo eat dates. He obliges. Alvira gives her anklet and asks her to wear it when she gets fine. Alvira asks Sahir what he is giving to Arzoo as a gift. Sahir says he is giving a house to Arzoo on Nausheen’s name in Lucknow. Arzoo takes the house papers. Kurti Apa taunts Arzoo. Arzoo is unaffected by her taunts. Later, Nausheen talks to Arzoo and says this is not marriage, but a business. You compromised with your life, emotions, values etc. Arzoo says what is the use of the values which can’t give them food. She says she is doing everything with clever mind. She asks her not to worry.

A masked killer comes to kill Zeenat in the hospital and takes out a knife. Zeenat opens her eyes, when he is about to stab her.

Rahman Saheb comes to Sahir and asks him to see the design of the card. He applauds for him for separating Zaki with Arzoo. Sahir says they will get married. Rahman says he has decided on the date and threatens him. Sahir gets a call. He leaves in a hurry. Arzoo recalls her wedding with Sahir and thinks she can’t even identify herself. She recalls Alvira giving her an anklet and asking her to wear it. She opens the box and finds artificial scorpion inside. She throws it shockingly. Sahir comes to talk to Alvira. Before he could speak, Kurti Apa tells him that someone attacked on Zeenat and she is not well. She asks him to bring Zeenat back to the city. She accuses Alvira for bringing Kayamat by getting Sahir married to Arzoo. She says if something happens to her Zeenat then she will not spare anyone. Sahir gets thinking.

Arzoo gets up from the bed and starts walking. Sahir is talking on phone about Zeenat’s arrival back home. Arzoo thinks he is hiding something from me. Sahir disconnects the call and gets close to Arzoo. Arzoo asks him not to get close to her. Sahir says he doesn’t have any wish to get close to her. He switches off the music system and leaves.

Kurti Apa sees something broken and gets shocked. She comes out of her room and rushes to Alvira. She tells her that Arzoo is inauspicious. She says no one will be happy now. Sahir asks what happened. Kurti Apa tells him that she saw a mud pot broken with rice and lemon in it. She says she saw with her own eyes.

The servant brings food for Kurti Apa. She takes out the cloth from the food and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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