Veera 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 13th March 2013 Written Update

Nihal finds the mask and shows it to Veera and says someone was trying to scare her..Veera tells him that she held on to her plait and asks Nihal why he returned…Nihal says he came to return her bag…

At home Ranvi is lying in his room thinking when Ratan comes and asks him to get up and have something to eat …she tells him not to unish himself…Ranvi gets up and runs out…Ratan tries to stop him and chaiji follows hi out…Ratan feels helpless and wonders what she will have to do to put things right…she tells herself that she always dreaded this situation…she says she has lost her hubby already and cant afford to lose her son now…this is the reason she didnt want to accept Veera she confesses…

Later in the night chaiji spots the withering plant and indirectly reminds Ranvi that

it needs watering…Ranvi doesnt move but Veera gets some water from chaiji to water the plant as her veerji had planted it with love…Ratan brings food for Veera and Veera asks ranvi to feed her but he doesnt react…Chaiji tells Veera to eat while she feeds Ranvi…meanwhile Veera screams and asks for water as the food is spicy…ratan comes and shouts her for throwing tantrums…Veera says the food is hot and she wants aloo paratha…Ratan shouts at her again and says she isnt going to make it and if she isnt liking the food she can have some water and go to sleep…Chaiji tells Ratan off for shouting at Veera and says she will make aloo paratha for her but Veera insists on eating the food Ratan made…Ratan then comes to tell Veera to have some butter if she finds the food spicy and chaiji reminds Ratan’s butter allergy and tells Veera to have roti with sugar and ghee..Veera doesnt eat and offers it to Ranvi when they hear a knock on the door…Chaiji opens the door and its Nihal…He says he has come to check on Ranvi as he knows what happened…chaiji tells him how hurt Ranvi is and says even Ratan lost her cool with Veera…Nihal goes to talk to Ranvi and asks if he had dinner but Ranvi walks away saying he isnt hungry…Veera spots Ranvi’s footprints and walks on them with a smile…Ranvi stares at their family pictures and weeps…

Nihal asks Ratan if he could use Sampooran’s horse in the horseriding competition but Ratan says that the horse was sarpanch ji’s pride and nobody has used it ever since he’s gone…She asks Nihal to arrange for some other horse for the competition…Veera then walks down with a trophy that Sampooran had won…Nihal praises the trophy and says such awards should be treasured…Ranvi walks down after Veera…Nihal then leaves and Ratan scolds Veera for bringing the trophy down..Veera says she got it down to show it to Nihal…Ratan scolds her more and warns her not to touch such things…chaiji is baffled with Ratan’s behaviour and so is Ranvi…

Precap: Ratan takes Veera’s bag and threatens to burn it…Veera tries to pull it from her saying her Ranvi bought it for her and while doing so Veera falls on the floor

Update Credit to: hinz

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