Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 13th March 2013 Written Update

Part I
All are at MM. Daksh says that he will sell all the property and return the money to insurance co. Also he says that he will take Aradhana & Divya to his house. Aradhana asks Mathur for permission. Mathur says that she should surely go with him. Daksh again requests and Aradhana agrees. Nidhi asks Aradhana to forgive her if she has done any mistake, but Aradhana says she should thank her as she has got back her son because of Nidhi. Now she only wants a wife for Daksh like Nidhi. She also says that Mathur wants a baby for the house and that they should think about it. Nidhi just smiles. Divya thanks Nidhi. Mathur asks if Aradhana will stay if he asks. But Aradhaan says that they got a chance to talk to each other – that is enough. She leves saying that she will visit again. Daksh asks Ashni to come to the hospital within an hour as he wants to discss something urgent. They agree

Ashni reach KGH. Everything is silent and they are surprised. They go in and see the hospital empty. Suddenly everyone comes out clapping. Ashni thank them but ask them the reason. Daksh says it is to welcome them back and Ashu back with his respect. There is also a news that KGH Has a new MD. Nidhi asks who and hope he is not a khadoos. Daskh says that she will lnpw better. He garlands Ashu. Nidhi is delighted. Daksh announces that Ashu is the new MD. Ashu tjanks him. Ashni in Ashu’s cabin. Nidhi hugs him and says she is very happy – but then she has to know take apo from his escy. Ashu says yes – except for hugging him. But she says now he will be very busy. Ashu agrees – but Nidhi says that today they should celebrate is promotion. Nidhi syas she will go home nad asks him to come home fast. Ashu teases saying that she should ask his secy.

Anji comes to MM. She says Nidhi is now Mrs.MD. Dr Mrs. Nidhi Ashutosh MBBS MD…DB also comes. Anji asks if Ashu is MD then what is Nidhi. DB says she only knows that Nidhi’s life will be full of joy now. They all hug. All are at MM. Lights are put off. Ashu comes in – Nidhi holds a candle to him. Ashu asks why is it dark – power must have gone. Nidhi says power has come now!!! Anji hugs Ashu & congratulates him. Ashu says that the news is good but he has not yet accepted the offer

Part II
All are shocked to hear this. They ask him the reason. Ashu says that he cannot decide if he should take it and hence has refused it now. Col Verma asks the reason. But Ashu sayas he needs some time to think. There have been a turmoil recently in his life and hence he needs time to settle. He wants to take a break after what has happenend in their life. He wants to come to his normal life and back to himself. Nidhi says that it is fine – but they can surely cut the cake. The mood lightens. Ashu cuts the cake while all clap. Nidhi looks at him.
Ashu is standing by the window & thinking. Nidhi asks him what the matter is. Ashu says that so many bad situations have come up recently and now good news is not believable. He is scared that something bad is going to happen. He says that he is scared. Now he will become busy with added responsibilities He does not want his increased responsibilities to come in between them. They deserve a holiday first.

Part III
Nidhi asks if he is serious or just being romantic. He says that shouldn’t he. She asks if he is bribing her as he will not have time for her now. Ashu decides that they will take one month leave and be with her only. Ashu says that they should once again get back the old Ashu & Nidhi. – who had loved each other for the first time – wihcih will be nurtured by her happiness. He says lets make our future. Nidhi hugs him & remembers Aradhana’s words about the baby and she smiles.

Pre Cap
Ashu calls up DB and asks what he can cook for Nidhi that she likes. DB says Chawal Ki Kheer. Nidhi comes and asks Ashu what he is doing in the kitchen?

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